So here you have it, to showcase just what could be done with the new Randomized Attribute Signature that was added, I've gone ahead and taken a gaming legend from the table top world, and transformed it into a signature! As an added bonus, I even named each effect off of the legendary item. Find out more: Here

Sig of Many Things: 120sig Pool, 3TCD
Balance(Two of Spades)---(Illusion on self, take on appearance of a random virus on the field for 2 turns)

Comet(Two of Diamonds)---(120 Damage to random target)

Donjon(Ace of Spades)---(Hold+Freeze on Self)

Euryale(Queen of Spades)---(Slow on self, 3 turns)

The Fates(Ace of Hearts)---(Haste+Haste+Dodge)

Flames(Queen of Clubs)---(120 strengthen on random target enemy)

Fool(Joker with Trademark)---(80 Damage to Self)

Gem(Two of Hearts)---(3 instances of 30HP Heal)

Idiot(Two of Clubs)---(Slow on Self+Blind on Self)

Jester(Joker without Trademark)---(90HP Heal on Self)

Key(Queen of Hearts)---(120 Strengthen on Self)

Knight(Jack of Hearts)---(30HP Object, 30 Passive damage)

Moon(Queen of Diamonds)---(2 instances of Dodge+2 Movement)

Rogue(Jack of Spades)---(Casts Illusion on random Ally/SP to give them appearance of a random virus on the field attacking you + 70 damage on self)

Ruin(King of Spades)---(Folder Crash on Self)

Skull(Jack of Clubs)---(Decoy with, if not destroyed by caster by end of turn, 100 damage to self)

Star(Jack of Diamonds)---(Accuracy Enhancement+Haste)

Sun(King of Diamonds)---(60 Strengthen on Self)

Talons(Ace of Clubs)---(Sig Crash on Self)

Throne(King of Hearts)---(120HP Object)

Vizier(Ace of Diamonds)---(Accuracy Enhacement, 3 turns)

The Void(King of Clubs)---(NC Crash on Self)

Is the above signature legal and could get approval? Not even close, but that wasn't the point, the point was to show what sort of crazy fun you can have with Randomize, using a throwback to a gaming classic.