Mario Kart 7!

So apparently MK7 uses some kind of retarded community thing rather than just letting you make lobbies or you join a friend in a game already and I don't even know what the fuck.


45-5223-6145-9666 This is our community code for MK7. You want to play with someone on RERN, just add this to your communities in MK7's online. and then have both people join it. Best part is thanks to drop-in-drop-out style gameplay, aaaaaany of us can just waltz right in after the end of any race, so be wary! Be watchful!


Okay, not that.

Either way, have fun. Hit me up if you want a race
Just popping in to confirm that this is fun as hell, and also that I am the king and you cannot step to this (me).

I am the king.

I am.

The king.

I rule the world.
(The king of leaving bananas on ramps)
To be the king, sometimes you gotta get tricky.
Kings are only such until dethroned.

Suddenly a new challenger appears!