Downgrading Java

For those interested in downgrading your version of Java so that you can copy/paste once again, I'm posting a quick guide on how to do so.

1. Go here and download the JRE for your operating system. Note: If you're on 64 bit Windows, only download the one for basic Windows. Parachat does not used 64 bit Java it seems and installing it won't fix the problem.

2. Go into the Control Panel and open up "Programs and Features" (for Windows 7) or it's equivalent based off of your operating system. If you're on Linux or Mac, you're on your own for this part.

3. Find Java in the list and uninstall all instance of it with "update 24" in the name.

4. Run the file you downloaded in step 1.

EDIT: They seem to have broken the link, so all of that is bunk now. Parachat has a solution at this website, though. Should work.

After doing all of that, you should be set to copy and paste. If this didn't work for you or I was unclear somewhere, let me know either here or in chat and I'll try to help you through the process.
A quick note in case you don't want to go through all this: you can still drag and drop, regardless of java version. So just c/p the thing you want to paste into your address bar, then drag it into the chat.