The MeleeMan VN (in progress)

Haven't you ever wanted to take MeleeMan's hand and gently guide him into the process of actually getting some action? With the MeleeMan VN, you will finally be able to fulfill that dream! Take your seat as MeleeMan's temporary operator and bro in this exciting VN.

Currently, the VN is a work in progress. Current progress is:

+Version 0.11+
Following the preview that was Version 0.10, I can now deliver a very small, early chunk of the game. This chunk has already given me a great chance to get familiar with the ins and outs of Novelty, so work should proceed more quickly in the future. New features following the last version include:
- Music!
- Sounds!
- A bit of the actual story!
- Inputs and buttons!

Get a good taste of what the real VN will be like now! All files you need to try it out are included in the RAR hosted at the link below. If the game still won't run after installing, try moving the unzipped files to their own folder or updating your DirectX.

Older versions:
Version 0.10

Parts listed in order I'm planning to get to them.

Portraits: 71% (MeleeMan, Damascus, Ante, Phero, and Mary completed)
Novel: 0% (not yet in progress)
CGs: 0% (not yet in progress)
.....WAIT. /WHAT/