Attention Wii owners with Twilight Princess

So, if you have a Wii and Twilight Princess, you can mod your Wii!

However, this isn't like the advanced DS mods where you have to buy strange hardware and flash your console.

All you need is a Wii, a Twilight Princess, and a normal SD card.

I've just done it myself, and I'm currently playing Quake on my Wii.

the process is really simple, and even if you mess up, it won't hurt your Wii.

*is planning to make some homebrew games to the Wii, so he wants an audience* :3


The Tutorial is really simple to understand, it provides a lot of pictures and movies on how to do it.

(as a final note, this does not break against invisionfrees rules. I do in no way endorce piracy. This is strictly about hacking open the Wii and running user made code, which is in no way illegal, even if Nintendo does not like it)
Saw that article before. Those dudes that made this possible are made of win.

*sets off to buy a wii*
I am intrigued and bamboozled by your suggestions and information. I will now attempt to reprieve my overwhelmed senses by implementing large words into my post.

Well it's lucky that I got Twilight Princess this summer. :'D

Again, I cannot express how simple this is. It took me 15 minutes to do.

And I'm now playing around with a physics game on the Wii. :3
What physics game, Drakim?
It's based on a linux physics game. You just make different shapes, and either make them stick to the background or not.

I haven't tried it very much, but I made a long ramp, and then a lot of circles (balls) which rolled down perfectly. You can also add stuff like handles (connecting two shapes), but I haven't figured out quite how yet.
I already modded my wii with so much freeware. I have the Homebrew Channel installed and Gecko OS. Do NOT USE OCARINA. IT IS DEAD GO TO wiiRD Community.

I love hacking Wii. ANd now I can illegaly play backps YAY!!!!

Drakim has once again blessed us with his win,