Anyone good at spriting/computer graphics/music? If so, I was wondering if someone can help me with my RPG Toolkit 2007 Board Game Contest entry, Stratego.

Basically, if someone thinks they can make a cool, custom 640 by 480 title screen, that'd be awesome.

The other main graphics things are if someone thinks they could make cool Stratego-esque 32x32 graphics. It might entail more than that, but if someone wants more specifics, just ask. As for rewards, all I can offer is credit in the game, and, if you join the site and we place Top-3, you get an award placed in your portfolio.
-points to Zero-
Well I can manage without, I just wanted help. BTW, if anyone thinks its a casual thing, I'll have a bad-graphics demo within the week. Unfortunately, the deadline for teams is in like 4 days. Game deadline itself isn't till end of october.