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Lately I've been playing more RTS games. Ther is nothing wrong with the games themselves, except for excessive RAM usage. These are both GPL games and one uses part of the other's code.

The error is as follows: After I crash, sometimes my screen is serverely glitched. The top half stretches over the btoom half and the middle of it is shaded. The curser acts like nothing is happening. I have to restart my comp to fix this, as navigating through windows to find a solution is very, very hard. I restart and teh screen is normal.

To help understand whats going on I made a graphic aid. I just added random things to it so dont take the normal screen part like something is wrong.

I really wand to know whats going on so this does not happen again.
Um..never had this happen to me before, but first of all, what OS are you using and how much free memory do you have?
I use windows XP

By free memory do you mean reg memory? (55.2GB/80GB) or RAM? (probably almost none in all cases)

I used almost 1/4 of my memory...crap...

anyways, yeh. HEres more system specs:

Video card: Intel 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV

Resolution: 1152x864 On game: 800x600

RAM: 246 MB

Running apps: MSN messanger (background), server client

games problem occurs: Warzone 2100, TA spring (WZ happens to use some of spring's scource for gameplay, Probably not important. Hence the word PROBABLY. I dont take chances.) These are the games that crash at ALL actually. They crash because my comp will end up using too much memory and crash :P.

This does not happen 100% of the time. Please do not make your answer: "this comp sucks, get a job and buy a new one, you noob."

EDIT: I also posted this up at the TA spring help/bugs board.
When you play a fullscreen game, especially a DOS game, it doesn't use your full resolution. The resolution of the game is less than how much resolution your screen can handle. So you crash, go back to Windows, and everything is magnified.

As for why your cursor isn't working, that might have something to do with the game using a different cursor. Same with the shading.

For me, using alt+ctrl+del makes this problem solve itself.

Otherwise, I don't know.
Your comp sucks, get a job and buy a new one, you noob

In reality though, your 'video card' is built in to your motherboard and will eat up your system's ram, reducing the amount you have for anything else. So, if buying a newer gaming capable (read: not windows vista) computer isn't an option, try simply buying a real agp (or pci [not pci-e, as it's not the same thing] if you lack an agp slot) video card would help about as much as you can hope. Getting up to 1 GB of ram wouldn't hurt either, but from the sounds of everything you'd be better off buying a core duo (bleh, intel) e-machine or something.
If I get another comp. Its no way going to be ANOTHER e-machine.

Ctrl + alt + del wont fix this, I dont think, because its set for taskmanager only, not a screen that appears and stuffs. And the curser is working like the screen is normal, if I can clarify.

so basicly it wont happen if I set my resolution to what the game's is?

BTW this just happened when I exited a game regularaly.
Also, check yer virtual memory...this sometimes causes games to crash like this.
umm...I already know why its crashing

its my vitual memory/RAM.

I just want the screen not to magnify when I exit my game D:
Well, the problem lies in that your screen doesn't support what res the game uses, so it uses a trick to emulate it. This, however, won't work in Windows normaly, so,if the trick isn't reset when you exit the game, you will see problems like that.

I dunno how to fix it. Are you sure the program isn't divided into more than one proccesses, and one of them (the one that handles the res) isn't ended when you quit your game? I had that problem before, and solved it by making a hotkey on my keyboard that kills this proccess when I click it.

Can't do the same solution to you unless you know what exactly is causing the problem though.

It...wasnt the res

I fixed this by making the game res the same as my comp res
thanks ^_^'

I know that all my crashes are from my RAM low-age
Then maybe you should get some RAM/virtual memory so it DOESN'T crash in the first place.