The Adventures of Bizzaro Drakim

I'm thinking of getting a new artist for every strip. (Atrus's idea, ^^) Interested?

Otherwise, do you like it? On a scale from 1 to 10?

I'll post the new ones here as they are made.
Many thanks. ^^

I used practicaly my whole spare-time for today on it >> MSPaint is really really hard to use at times (wants more than 4 levels of undo).

The next stip will be made by EN! Beware! >:0
Cool. : D

Vat bee your rateeng, yahng zeehrow?

In 2 weeks time, i'll have as much free time as I please. Maybe I can do some comics, yarr?
I'd be willing to try one. A kirby crossover comic! With basskirby as Bizarro Drakim! YESH! :lol:
I think Zero should be a guest artist.
everyone's starting comics! that gives me an idea...
I would try one too.
Is this in anyway related to that Bizzaro Wright character?

Quote (legoroy2)

Is this in anyway related to that Bizzaro Wright character?

Both Bizzaro Drakim and Bizzaro Wright is based on Bizzaro Superman.


As for all those who wants to help, great! ^^

Just PM me and we can talk about the setup. (do you want to just draw? and have me supply you with a script and design? Or do you want to do it all yourself, and if so, what is the limits and rules? ect ect)

Funny, but art is kinda meh.