Game being made, need help!!

Ok, here is the thing...

when this was the chaos network, I proposed a flash mmo game version of the website...

well I got part of it going...

so I'm putting out a call to all spriters...

I need navi parts, one of the parts of the porgram will be a build your own navi area, so I need parts(heads, arms, legs, bodies, ect...) in black and white and in the 'exe' style of animation, in postions for world, battle and portrait...

but the main problem of this is that I need as much as I can get before the 16th, so if any one can help out, It will be greatly appreaciated. you will get mentioned in the final project and free accounts if your pats are used...

here is a link to the latest version: game test 1
Well, uhm, I wouldn't call that a test >>, you couldn't test anything.

So, back to topic. You are making it in flash? an MMO, as in Massive Multiplayer Online game? Are you sure you know how to do this? There are a lot of differences from just having a normal game, or even a multiplayer game, to having a Massive Multiplayer Game.

The first thing is that you'll probably need a server. Not a webhosting one, but one that can run your server program. What are you going to make the server program in, btw? I don't think flash will work for that.

And why does it need to be before the 16th? Does the world end then? ^^;;
First of all, I would limit to a flash game...making a good flash MMO game can be damn tricky.

And..the test doesn't really work for my comp.

But sure, I can lend ya some sprites if you need them.
Flash MMO's have been made. There's a whole section for them at newgrounds (but very few, by the way)
A MMO of this site would be kick ass, but I don't think you can make it on Angelfire.
It's a test of how it will flow wooga.

and BTW CTRL was how you shoot.

And besides, I tried making a game of this site but all you did was ignore me or shoot me down. I did this exact same thing (although no test). An MMO can be easily made with RPG maker XP. In fact people do it. But from what I just saw in some forums they are buggy. You would also have to learn ruby scripting or find some already made up scripts. And not to mention allot of scripts would make lag and compatibility errors. There's a free version but you can't have anyone with the commercial version play or edit it.

Your doing flash because you don't want to spend money on a engine in case you are bad, correct? There's a couple free ones. There's also one that is cool, but it's $60. Sadly they are 3d though. There's also VBgore, it says 3D but all I see is 2D, and in the other place I can't figure out how to make it do anything. If you want any of these options I will list them, but do so at your won risk.

I know you'll just say your using flash for "Whatever reason" but don't shoot me down. I'm just being helpful. If the 16th is to try and make some kind of deadline, then push it back...allot. There's no shame if you don't make it completely on the first time you set.

3D: (free) (65$) (free)

RPG Maker XP: legit and non legit are incompatible (legit, 60$) (non legit, free)

Eclipse: (free)

Hope I could be of any assistance. try looking for random game maker resource communities, they often have bored people who do this just to do it.

And read the fine print, dammit!
Flash MMO's? The CLOSEST thing to that that I know would be a miniclip game called Club Penguin, where you can walk and talk with other players, but still, I think it would be tough for one person to make a flash game where hundreds to thousands of people could interact.

Then again, this is coming from a guy who doesn't even have Macromedia Flash.

*ahem* Anyways, I think you better be ready for a lot of work, but at least know this: If you know what to do and you make sure you do it, you WILL succeed. That, my friend, is the strategy to life.
lol, I just ninja'd you

or not
It's not really a dead line, It's just that that is the last week of school for me and I won't be able to do anything till school starts again next sept, cause of no internets at home...

And It's just the best system I got, I'kll gladly try rpg maker...

also I know that angelfire isn't a good web hosting server for mmo's It's just where I'mma gonna (carge my lazer) put my tests...

besides, I'm suck on enemy spawing code and I'll have to wait till sept, when we will be learning this regardless...
I wub this idea!!!
I'm bad at stuff though.
I support it, but I stink at flash, HTML, and sprites.... :/

Quote (vactrox)

cause of no internets at home...