About the People's Fanfic

It seems to me that most of the characters in the fanfiction are now kind of esoteric and only familiar to old board members. I was thinking it might make more sense to shift the focus on to new characters, since none of the new generation of RERNers is likey to recognize TeethMan, Ookami, or others.

On the note of the fanfiction though, besides reworking it, we need someone to do the next chapter. Any takers? =D
I dabble in the fanfic world all the time. I truly do enjoy it. Well....Id like to do the next chapter but we should refresh and start a new tale before I or anyone decides to start.
Well, 404 will be returning, so I'd like him to stay. However, I agree that the focus should shift to other, more current characters.

The time period should be in between the events of RECN and now. This fills a rather nasty plothole.

Namely, that Keaira, not Kazu, operates Titania/Oberon and that Kazu still operates 404.
Aww... I guess we'll never find out what happened to poor Tempoman...

Regardless, I'd be happy to throw in my abilities toward making a new fanfic, but it might be best to wait a little bit until people have developed their characters a little more. The beauty of the original people's fanfic was that it was created long after the original board had gotten underway, with clear divisions of power and navi builds that were distinct and interesting. Having another tournament scene in which everyone rageclaw spams after using their level 1 signature attacks might be on the boring side :P.
Soooo....Are we rewriting it or just shifting the focus of the current story?
That's a good point...

Maybe we could just write two?
Far too troublesome to keep up with. I say we keep it to one.

Filling that 7-year plothole WOULD be rather useful...seeing as everyone didn't just fall asleep holding the Master Sword for that length of time, and we have no plot to speak of within that massive gap. We could just describe the demise of past characters...but that would run into the huge paradox of the same people back then showing up as our characters now (as I'm guilty of).

EDIT: Oh, and shouldn't we move the Peoples' Fanfic (and probably this thread) to the newly-created Fanfiction and Fanart section?
Well, if anyone still wants the good ol' patriot, American. They can use him, but I may change the age of Bo. Just to compensate something, the fact that I want more things to be legal for Bo.
My character needs a Memory wipe.

Who wants to deal with this?
I wouldn't want to go twice in a row, but if nobody else feels like making the transition, I could give it a shot. I think I've read enough of peoples' subplots, characters, and backstories to have a vague idea in place...

Shin needs a memory wipe, Kazu needs some deus-ex-machina to make him 404less, Keaira needs to give Titania/Oberon to Kazu, Suitachi becomes the chip dealer, Ookami and Teethman do their own thing, Aida ages, and Bo... man, I don't have any idea what happens to Bo...



...if nobody else is going to do it, I'll do it, but I'd like to give others a chance.

A few things we should clarify though - what level of power do we expect from the navis? Same as what they had during CN?
I say just make 1 with the new NAVI.
You know what, not much changed with Bo either. Except that he is now 23.
So many plot holes....Time to get ta killin'.

With the exuberant amount of changes...Are we just going to adjust the current story or make a new one? Decide and I'll post tomorrow...Though how I'm going to magically age everyone...Oh, no one bothered to mention ages in the first story. That's more or less taken care of.
Shin's 25!
My memory wipe happened three years ago... yeah...
I work for some Yumland project that has something to do with fairy tale characters.
Wait, so now Shin is older the Bo. I did it so that there were no paradox's.
Well it is seven years.
I made mine nine years.
Zan, I think we should use this fanfic to cover plotholes.

As for my own characters, Keaira should do something that results in her Navi(s) being transferred to a different tester, Kazu. Probably something along the lines of being associated with a criminal or something.

Kazu needs to turn in both 404 and Drakkas in return for amnesty.

I'll probably have to fill those two things in better for myself. I will when I have time.
So, how about we make this little story about the events that happened after the tourney? Basically, this is all happening sometime during the time skip. Perhaps a year or so after the Rogue event?