The drawing board

yeah, this is a place for people to edit navi ideas for themselves, and get other people's ideas. The navis/ops displayed here are not for use by anyone else but the person who puts the idea here...

that being said, i need some help...

I cannot decide on which charecter to use next, hence the need for help...

set 1)

Operator(undecided, thinking goth type guy...)


Name: QuickStrike.exe
Gender: male
Element: Normal
Type: Sword
Appearance: a large furry humanoid, standing about 5 net feet tall and having a slight build. slightly hunched forward, his arms are slightly longer than a normal navi, with six inch claws instead of fingers. His bat like head has long ears pointing backwards and at a 90 degree angle from eachother. His eyes are a red outside with a yellow irus and slitted pupils
Personality: In a word, feral. He will attack first and ask questions later. he eats with his claws and will run on all fours and growl when enraged. when he does talk, it is such a high speed jabber that people may have a hard time understanding.
Custom Weapon: strike claw(strikes with his claws)
Charged: fury storm(instead of one big hit, multiple hits of same attack)
Signature Attack: speed strike - moving at a intence speed, quickstrike quickly launces himself from several angles dealing damage multile times(20 dmg x3 attacks, extra dodge at same time)

set 2)

Name: Philip Scribe
Age: 59
Gender: male
Appearance: A spry old man, bald at the top of his head and wearing old wire frame glasses. He has slightly tanned skin with liverspots, and when he smiles his face becomes clovered in laugh lines. usually wears a pressed white shirt and brown pants with suspenders. about 6' 2" and weighs 160 pounds.
Personality: always with his nose in a book, he takes the time to actually read most of the stuff he learns, rather than go online and learn it. Originally he had a distain for navis, mostlty because people would netbattle on the school computers, throughly damaging the systems. After spending time with some navi's he confinscated one day,(later returned) he saw that this could be a way to get kids interesting in reading. he then created his own navi based of his childhood dream to write childrens stories...
PET Modifications: Has storage space for a collection of e-books


Name: storyweaver
Gender: male
Element: Normal
Type: N/A
Appearance: An old man in a robe, holding a large book that he never stops writing in. he is also bald with a long white beard that goes well past his knees.
Personality: he never really speaks, but when he writes in his book, you can 'hear' him 'narrirating' the surrounding events and how he feels. if you try to read out of his book, you'll usually see him write somthing like,"and as the curious navi looked over the old man's shoulder, her eyes widened at the site of what was written there. the navi had to wonder if he was writing events that had or would happen, although he quickly backed away when he noticed the aged navi looking at him..."
Custom Weapon: dependant on sig1(see below)
Signature Attack: a hero appears- storyweaver starts to write in his book and fades out, and a charecter appears, taking his place and firing off a quick attack at an enemy. this charecter replaces him for the rest of the battle.(effect one swap storyweaver with new charecter(fluff! stats stay the same and custom wepon either becomes sword or gun), new charecter attacks for 60 damage. must be used as first move, once per battle).


both of these guys would be fun to rp, but I can't decide...

I'm leaning towards storyweaver, but don't know if the mechanics are too complex...

any opinions?
This guy'd be fun to RP as, but I dunno, Phoenix is good.

Name: Viktor.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Aqua
Type: Wind

Appearance: A very small Navi; he is about half as tall as a standard NormalNavi. With his hat on, hes about three quarters a NormalNavi's height. He is dual-themed: Russian and dragonflies being the two ingredients that sum him up. His head is vaguely lima bean-shaped and orange-yellow in color, but a bit pointy at the bottom. His eyes have lines coming out of the iris into the back of the eye, and he has a pair of menacing pincers on his face. His body is oddly shaped and dark red in color, and coming out of his back are red and blue buglike wings. His lower body is dark brown, and has four 'sections' to it. In battle, an icy blue stinger forms on the bottom of it, enabling him to execute his battle routines. His Navi symbol is a white vodka bottle on a red background, and he is often seen carrying one or two vodka bottles that will vary in size depending on the situation.

Personality: Russian in every way. He speaks with a very Russian, sometimes even a little overexaggerated accent. He loves CyberVodka with a passion, and is sometimes or usually seen drinking it, depending on how much he's craving it and where he is. He is very rough and abrupt, and insists on wearing his Russian hat everywhere he goes. He still believes in communism, even when "Mother Russia" or "The Motherland" as he calls it, has embraced capitalism. He enjoys a good fight, and can make do with the cold.

Custom Weapon: Chill Stinger: Viktor jabs his stinger into the foe
Charged Attack: Freeze Ray: Viktor builds up energy in his stinger, then launches it in a spearlike, freezing ray

Signature Attack: Lightweight: Viktor summons a giant bottle of vodka, and soaks his stinger in it, absorbing all the cyber booze. He then proceeds to stab one enemy, injecting every last drop of vodka into it. (20, two turn drunk (drunk makes an enemy's aim crap, and in PvP, might make for an amusing RPing situation.))

Wonder what would happen if Rasshole and his three little voices got "Lightweight"ed.