Save The Internet is a site that apparently works hard to protect the internets from evil, greedy corporate whore-type money lynchers (wow... what a name XD) by petitioning for net neutrality.

ALRIGHT! Next question! What is "Net Neutrality"?

Well just follow this dandy, little link to the site and veiw the accompanied Youtube video!

Remember, everyone has a right to win the internets! XD

/swt Phew! Damn UFOs!
Yay for noobs who think they can make a difference.
This has been around for quite a while now, hasn't it? I could have sworn the last time I read it, the vote that would supposedly rip Net Neutrality to shreds was imminent.

Oh, I get it.

The "last I heard of it" was shortly before Net Neutrality was supposed to die. For whatever reason, it was sustained. Might be because of this petition, but that's iffy and hard to determine.

The question is, will this thing keep going on for years to come? Every year, will people need to rush madly about screaming their final goodbyes to the Internet as we know it?

And it seems that this whole thing is being determined by Congress. US Congress. The internet, however, is a worldwide thing. The question they fail to answer is "how will this affect other countries?"
Of course, I think I already know the answer to that; they would only be able to charge websites based in the US for faster loading times. Sites based in other countries would be fine, but let's be serious; I don't think I've ever made regular visits to a Canadian website.

Anyway... As a Canadian citizen, I have no power over this issue. That's amazingly close to the amount of power the average American has over it. I guess petitions eed to be signed, so that you can scare Congress into not rewriting the Telecommunications Act for another year. How long will this have to go on for, though? The ISPs will keep grubbing at Congress so they can make that much more money from it. I don't feel that I would enjoy an annual panic, personally.
well anyone can do this thing and win...

<pulling up memory 115-E65-99B2...>

When salormoon first came out, the companies felt that the anime was unsutiable for the air time it was set for and canceled the show in it's first season. Outraged, the fans of the show started a website called SOS (save our scouts) and started a petition. The result was overwelming as thousands of preteens signed the E-petition, putting the show back on the air and opening up the road for many of the animes we see today...

<ERROR- refrencing song clip>

gotta get in tune
with salor moon
cause it's got the boom
anime babes that make me think the wrong thing...

<system shut down>
well, that was just some small (or they thought it) show that was canceled in favor of something else. Sometimes choses has to be made, and sometimes they go wrong. The overwhelming response there showed them that they made the wrong chose, and they changed it, because it was in their interest to air an show that was that popular.

If you think of it, their chose was quite logical at the time. You have x numbers of shows. You don't know if one of them are better than the others, but you know that show 2 might cause trouble. It is only logical that you don't pick show 2 when you have show 1 and 3,4,5,6 and so on, when 2 is only worse. But, the overwhelming response showed that indeed, show 2 had a popularity that would be worth it even with the disadvantage it had. Thus, they pick show 2.

This on the other hand, is about companies. Big companies. And a hell of a lot of money involved. They aren't deciding on different options that doesn't really have any big bearing on them. They are basically deciding if they should use an controlled internet to gain money. They only thing that would stop them would be if they would lose more money on controlling the internet (being unpopular), but by the average ignorant internet users not aware of this, they won't.

I'm not saying that it is impossible to stop, but they aren't in the same situation. A popular vote of several thousands would still not weight up to it. If you want to stop something like this, you have to do it by law, rather than numbers. The time where people can grab a pitchfork and drive the bad men out is over, I'm afraid.