Sprite help

Ok, I don't mean to be a pain but...I'm recoloring kirbys

There's a sheet with a bunch o'colors on it. I copies a almost completely green pallete and put it on my kirby sheet so I can re-color, but something wrong happened.

It's all yellow >_>. And one of them is the color teal >_>. An when I tried to put green on there it turned that weird teal again. It didn't do this before......so...

You may have the same problem I have. Try cutting the entire sheet and pasting it on a new image.
ok >_>

it worked. what's the problem jack?

OH BTW: It did happen, one color in my yellow change went from dark yellow to green
I don't know why exactly it does that: I think it might limit editing a saved image to just the colors there, but if you make a new one you can... kinda trick it into thinking you're making a new one. So it allows you to edit colors.
new problem: Now the colors from teh default pallet don't match the ones from the kiby
I got a guide for spriting....but its for sonic characters. D:

Nyeharr! Ye may be working through a PNG file paint but saving in GIF. Those two absolutely HATE eachother.
Was it saved as GIF? If yes, then that is the problem. Gif only limit the colours to 256....i think...

Yup, Heat Sonata's method should works

EDIT: Ninja'd by Legoroy.....T-T. By the way, I suggest saving the recloured sprite as BMP, then convert it to GIF. Using this prog should works...

Quote (commondragon)

new problem: Now the colors from teh default pallet don't match the ones from the kiby

If it's the GBA Kirby you're using then that's probably why. The Nightmare in Dreamland Kirby has a different colouring style than the Amazing Mirror Kirby.
Its easy to solve that.

Take the GIF file, but DO NOT edit it in any way. First, hit select all (This is assuming you use MS Paint), then hit cut. You should now just have a white space.

Then, go to a blank document, and paste it. Then, hit Save As, and instead of saving it as a whatever it might be, save it as a PNG file.

Works every time for me.