About torrents.

I am looking for someone that can get a program for me using torrents. My downloads take 20 days. This is for PSP.

Anyone care to help?
So, you're looking for a torrent program for the PSP?
Or you're downloading PSP stuff through a torrent?
did you mean bittorent....if yes, try this link....

there are 4 types of bittorent on that website, I don't know which one to choose....me used bitcomet, but that website recomended to use uTorrent(never heard of it...)

just click one of the four links at the top....

but becareful....I don't know this is true or not but I heard that torrent might have a side-effect on our harddisk....
Dude, he means someone else get it for him and then send it to him so he can put it on his PSP, thats what he ment by his Dl's take 20 days.

Part of the reason is your probably don't have very many seeders. Try to find the same thing but with more seeders. I've also heard of that if you seed your DLs are faster >_>...
Seeding doesn't result in faster download speeds, since to be a seed you have to already have the entire torrent downloaded.

Increasing your upload rate will have increase your download speed though, since the programs send more information to more active peers.
Thats fine and dandy, but I still would like someone else to get it for me. I believe it is my router that is causing the slow download rate. I increased the upload rate and see no difference in the download speed I had before.
Have you opened the ports that bittorrent uses on your router and firewall? That could be part of the problem. Go here and see if you can find your router on the list. It'll tell you how to forward the ports to your computer.

But like common said, if there arent many seeder's there's nothing we can do either.
Most seeders I've seen is 10. There is too much to do, and following the steps is different because I am using a Mac. I am not exactly the best with technical things. That is why I am asking for someone else to do this for me.
Problem is, even if we download it first, we'd have to send it to you through MSN or re-upload it to something like megaupload, which wouldn't be any faster really.

And changing your router setting doesn't matter on your computer type, as long as you have a web browser. Being on a MAC would only change how to set a static IP, which won't matter if you only have one computer hooked up to the router or if your computer is always on.
Yeah I have done this before. The time it takes for the transfer to complete is usually faster than the download.
Heh. My MSN usually uploads at about 10 kbps, so I'd be useless on that front.