Ice makes Georgia 'Interesting'

((There are no disclaimers. This stuff actually happened.))

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Welcome to this edition of The Top 10 Places Pally Saw People "Park" Their Cars Today.

Today is January 12th, 2011, and is the day I pay my taxes to Uncle Sam, or else they fine me a lot of money or worse. So, to do this, we bought a battery for my car, got it inspected, drove it to restore the memory, and then got it re-inspected so I could get tags from the closed tag office. Yeah, one of those days. And we did it in the ice. However, as we went about said tasks, we found the following, in order of most normal to most absurd:

#10: A white Nissan pickup truck left on the side of a snowy hill leading up to an overpass.
-- To be fair, I think they got there from the road we were on, not fell off of the high road. The truck appeared undamaged, at least.

#9: A silver Chevy Silverado parked on it's side at the side of the road.
-- Yep, flipped. Bubba just couldn't keep it on the road... or on its wheels.

#8: A Mercedes parked sideways in a ditch with its wheels off the ground next to I-575.
-- This took talent. It's gonna take heavy equipment to get that car back out of there. We saw the people walking away from it unhurt, so at least that's a plus.

#7: An SUV (didn't catch what kind) left abandoned on a set of railroad tracks.
-- Got insurance for train damage? I hope so.

#6: A Ford Expedition upside down in the median of I-575.
-- The sky was their limit. And so was their speed. Drive slowly on ice, people. Coast, don't power.

#5: A Toyota Tundra parked sideways on the back of a flat bed Semi.
-- Wheels off the sides. It's gonna take a crane to get that back off of there. I'd ask how it got there, but then after seeing the rest of this list, it's a minor thing....

#4: A BMW resting vertically against a tree as if it were about to try and drive up it.
-- Impressive. The car doesn't appear to be damaged.

#3: A green Ford Ranger halfway up a pine tree, sitting in the branches.
-- Not the same tree, but still... Wow. Yes, the truck is up in the branches of the tree. I'm pretty sure it got there from the overpass.

#2: A beige Toyota at the bottom of a 25 foot valley behind an undamaged set of retaining walls and guard rails.
-- They had to TELEPORT to get this car in there. I just... I don't even know how they managed it.

#1: A red Ford F-250 on top of a Chevron Gas Station food mart.
-- .... I'm just the messenger. To give you an idea, I think the truck flew off of the on-ramp, and landed on top of the building. Duder had to be burning along at a very, very good clip to make that jump, too. Still... it's a truck on a food mart roof. Tell me you see this every day....

This has been the first edition of The Top 10 Places Pally Saw People "Park" Their Cars Today.

Thanks for reading.

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((There are no disclaimers. This stuff actually happened.))

That is all.