Swift and Gunner

First off... I choose to keep the chips Shotgun, Bubbler, and, uh... Hm. Not Cannon, that's for sure. Meh. Energybomb. And my one Speed Upgrade too, please.

Now, all of you expect Gunner to be a ripoff of said class from Disgaea 2, right? I'll sure as hell try to disprove you... Instead, I'll rip off my character from the Pandora Circuit, and make Gunner from scratch.
Name: Frederick Swift
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Swift wears a simple tan sleeveless shirt, black cargo pants, and black boots with steel toes. Brown hair of medium length falls around his eyes in broad locks. He stands six feet tall and is well muscled... Everything about him seems to suggest the heart of a roguish brute, but that couldn't be farther from the truth.
Personality: Swift is a strangely merry fellow, in contrast to his slightly intimidating apearance. He gets along well with people, and can be found laughing at the strangest things. However, he also has a heavily strategic side that surfaces during battle, bringing with it a relativly cold persona. Swift makes his living as a photographer, but greatly prefers virus busting.
PET Modifications: The PET is black trimmed in red, and has been equipped with a camera that can zoom up to 100x magnification, record, and take photographs, all with great resolution and overall quality.


Name: Gunner
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Cursor
Appearance: A tight-fitting black t-shirt and loose pants, gathered into a pair of combat boots and held up with a red sash. Simple cloth gloves cover his wrists, but leave his fingers bare. He has fiery red hair, spiked back into a myriad of points, and plain dark eyes. All in all, he doesn't look much like a gunsman... But for one thing. His most distinguishing feature is a large holster strapped across his back. It is in the shape of a flattened cylinder tapering slightly towards the end, and looks fit to carry a heavy assault rifle... But in truth, it carries every ranged weapon known to man.
Personality: Gunner is more temperamental than Swift, but just as friendly as his op. However, he can be brash and ill-mannered, just saying whatever comes to mind with no concern for the feelings of others. He loves the thrill of battle, joyously picking off his foes from a distance.
Custom Weapon: VariGun - Gunner's holster allows him to draw any kind of projectile weapon he wishes, from a Dark Ages longbow to a 50's mobster-style machine gun. However, he prefers a simple revolver over the others.
Signature Attack: Gatling Rush - Gunner pulls a heavy gatling gun from his holster and peppers the enemy lines with hot lead. 60DMG split up to 6 times, 3TCD

Whaddaya think...?
Don't abuse the camera thing too much, aight?

GET: Newbie Chip Pack: Cannon x1, Shotgun x1, RageClaw x1
GET: Newbie NaviCust Pack: Undershirt, Attack +1, Rapid +1, Charge +1

Approved. Post where needed.