Chat Persona Compilation.

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MagicCereal: >:0 
Shin: ... =__= 
SpaceMonkeySteve: Yort. 
PaladinGC: Take it easy. 
Aim: Your mom. 
Heat: >:
Chat-Admin: HRMMM. 
Asator: DERP lolwut? 
English_Ninja: Verily. FORSOOTH. 
THE Chat: Mmmmmyeesss? 
Lux: Language.
Leon: </3 
Bomber: I'm going to take a shower. >__> 
Knight: ican notfi gure out wha tyouguys areup to. 
Dark: NO. 
Mog: :3 
Sora-chan: <,.,< 
Hiko: FIEN. 
Kazuhiro: ._. 
Braden: naw. 
Lunarlion: cheep cheep! O_O 
Sage: COFFEE! 
Harbin: >>;; 
nitro_blaster: I'm going to go play TF2 now. 
Drakim: ^^

Will add more on suggestion. : D
Oh wow. XD