Design Your Own Cybeast!

Okay, basically I'm bored and I don't particularily like any of our current Cybeasts. As such, I've designed this little "Contest" so that our members can design their own ideal Cybeast. Note the quotation marks around the word "Contest". Those are there because this isn't in any way official and there isn't any prize nor will there be winners. Just for fun, okay? Format of submitted entries isn't too important, but I would like to see some basic information:


Anything else would be nice, but isn't really needed. I'll have my own submitted...Later.
How many can we enter? I have two ideas :3
Since it isn't a real "Contest" and there aren't any actual "prizes" or "winners", I suppose you can enter as many as you please.

My idea:

Name: Scirro

Species: Armadillo

Element: Ice/Aqua

Physical Description: Scirro is a massive armadillo Cybeast with an armored place of sharp, giant icicles along his back. Scirro stands on four legs and is approximately fifteen feet (Net Equivalent) high at the shoulders and thirty feet (N.E.) long from snout to tail tip. Scirro's skin is dark blue and the icicles are a pale, light blue. His claws resemble frost covered steel and each is about a foot long (N.E.). Scirro's eyes are a pale blue, but he doesn't see very well and instead relies on his sense of smell. The massive icicles cover Scirro's back and shoulders, serving to protect him, while a thick layer of frost covers his head, upper limbs and tail. His underside is unprotected, but when threatened, Scirro can curl up into a ball with his spiky icicles lancing out to protect him.


Basic claw or bite ~ Scirro claws or bites a target. (30)

Icy Breath ~ Scirro can unleash a wave of freezing air from his mouth. This breath attack deals damage and can inflict the "Frozen" status.

Ice Hurl ~ Scirro launches icicle spears at his opponents.

Fury of the Frozen Lands ~ Scirro roars and summons a blizzard that turns entire battleground into ice terrain.

Net Drain ~ Scirro slows down the Net, stunning all Navi and himself for 1 action each turn.

DMG Reduc ~ Scirro's icy armor allows him to shave off 15 points of DMG from any attack.

Spiked Death ~ In his ball form, Scirro's only real attack is to roll around and attempt to crush his opponents. This has low accuracy, but deals heavy damage (60/Stun) to any caught in the attack.

Special: Curling ~ Scirro can curl up into a ball to protect himself. He generally does this when heavily damaged or wounded in some other way. While curled into a ball, all attacks that aren't fire or breaking deal half damage to Scirro. Breaking attacks deal normal damage while fire attacks deal 2x damage. In addition, all melee attackers are dealt 20 DMG per attack due to the icicles coating Scirro's body.

Strategy: Scirro generally remains hidden and will only attack if provoked. He tends to start battles with his breath attack and then swipes with his claws. When injured heavily, Scirro will curl up and use Net Drain to reduce the amount of DMG he takes per turn.
Name: tree of ages
Element: Wood
Appearance: When you first walk up to it, it appears to be an extremely large oak tree just sitting there, about the size of a red wood. Looking into it's branches, you would see large clusters of data, and can clime the tree in an attempt to pick them. However, this is when the cybeast starts to attack...

For the first part of the battle, as you clime it, it will start to swing its branches at you in an attempt to knock you off, while it still looks like a tree. if you succeed in picking one of it's fruit or ticking it off by standing outside of it's branches, the tree will uproot itself and begin to walk like a crab on four legs.

branches: (40 dmg + break)while climbing it or as it chases you it will swing its 'arms' wildly in an attempt to knock off its opponents.

root strike A: (20 dmg) if you're on the ground while its rooted, it will pull its smaller roots out and whip or stab opponents with them

root strike B: (hold) if you're on the ground while its rooted, it will pull its smaller roots out and try to snare navis

Trample: while it uprooted, it'll charge towards its enemies and try to stomp them with its roots. every action spent running away(not escaping or dodging) will keep the tree one extra turn from stomping that person.


Object: for the first half of the battle, (first half of HP) it has object status when its completely rooted. after it uproots, this status goes away.

damage resistance: because of its bark, it can resist 20 DMG before effects

Glitch nuts: The tree has several nuts growing on it at any time. plucking one not only starts the second half of the battle, but eating one(only during this fight) causes random effects to the discretion of the Mod. one nut could heal, damage, posion, cause a GMO glitch, or any nutty thing the Mod feels like.

Strategy: when it appears, it does nothing until something hits or climes it. then for the first half of battle(first half of HP) or until someone takes a nut it attacks with its branches or roots. then during the second half of the battle it attacks by trampling or hitting people with its brances.

Name: Taunen

Element: Wood

Appearance: A giant Skunk cyberskunk

Bite - A basic biting attack (30)

Spray - Taunen can spray an opponent for 60 damage and a 50 damage/turn poison for 5 turns. All nearby opponents in melee range also gain an 30 damage/turn poison for 3 turns.

Needle storm - Taunen shoots needle hairs from his tail, all dealing 1 damage, shooting 50 hairs. 5 of these will randomly have break status attached. Non-break needles will not count agains X-hit barriers, but will count agains HP barriers.

Purge - Taunen Purges the battlefield, causing a 10 damage/turn poison for 10 turns on every opponent, as well as changing every tile to normal.

Pulldown - Taunen will drag down opponents with high-altitude status, dealing a whopping 100 damage, stun for an action., and removes high altitude.

Special: Stench - Taunen passively creates a giant stink around the battlefield. Every character but the Cybeast himself takes a 5 damage/action poison. The stench can be warded off for one turn with a gust effect, in which the posion does not take effect. This effect bypasses status immunity.

Strategy: Taunen is an aggressive fighter, who will poison the strongest enemies he is facing. Will purge the battlefield when unfavorable conditions are met, and will not allow high altitude enemies to stay in the air for long.

And I dont think I will give the other one for now.

HAX common... HAX
They are SUPPOSED to be nearly unstoppable.

Mine just has a weakness...
Name: Cyber Beast Scorpius
Element: Fire
HP: 7500
Appearance: As suggested by his name, Cyber Beast Scorpius resembles a giant scorpion. Colored in dull shades of grey save for it's ruby red tail, Scorpius neasures roughly twenty feet in length, with a body of seven feet, elevated by around three feet by it's eight legs, that would appear to be somewhere around eight feet if it ever fully extends itself, and an impossibly long (and huge) stinger. It has two large pincers, it's right pincer is mainly used for grabbing and crushing things it can hold onto while the left one is lined with sharp, pointy things that gore or pierce anything within it's grasp. It's eyes are large, and black.

-Grab (Right): 80 DMG + Break + Impact
---Scorpius grabs an opponent with it's right pincer and applies force, crushing the hapless victim.
-Grab (Left): 90 DMG + Slashing + Stun2
---Scorpius grabs an opponent with it's left pincer and applies force, stabbing and goring whatever it grabs in it's claws. The pain leaves them immobile for a short time.
-Cyber Beast Influence (Fire): Medium-Area Lava Terrain
---By exerting it's power, Scorpius creates a field of lava.
-Tail (Disable): 50 Fire DMG + Sig Crash2 + Buster Crash2 + NC Crash + Slow3 + Stun1
---A quick jab with it's tail proves deadly in it's own ways. Despite dealing the least damage of Scorpius' attacks, this attack contains a digital poison that disables almost all Navi Core Systems, leaving them quite defenseless.
-Tail (Fireball): 100 DMG + Poison2/10
---By absorbing a panel of Lava, Scorpius fires a searing ball of magma at an opponent that severely burns.
-Holophile Literally Fire Lover, whenever Scorpius touches a Lava Panel with his legs, it absorbs it into it's own systems to ensure survival.
---For every turn spent completely on Lava Panels, Scorpius restores 500 HP. This doens't work if any of Scorpius' eight legs are not on a Lava Panel. Every turn this ability succeeds in recovering HP, reduce Lava Panels from the outside in, meaning the first to go are the ones on the very edge.
-Severe Hydrophobia: As an embodiment of fire, Scorpius hates the shit out of water.
---Instead of taking double damage from Aqua Attacks, Scorpius takes quadruple damage.
At full health only uses Grab Right and Left.
After losing 2k HP, Scorpius begins to use the rest of it's attacks.
After losing 3k HP, begins using Tail attacks more often.
After losing 6k HP, Begins liberally using Cyber Beast Influence (Fire) in order to restore HP. Tail (Disable) comes up a lot, if only to disable would be attackers.
After losing 7k HP, Scorpius attempts to scuttle away and nurse it's wounds. In other words, escape.