this blew my fucking mind.

Guess My Number

it got it all the three times i tried.
Easy to figure out.

You choose one of the numbers then the same colour.

That lets it narrow down to 5.

Then you choose the house it's in, which tells it which number.

Then it puts your number behind all doors, but changes the other two when you click.

Yeah, not that impressive.

If you could do it with any number, though, that'd be really impressive. But, since it's all pre-programmed, it's not really that good.
ohh i get it...

wow it played me 4 a fool...

Quote (tpsp1101)

ohh i get it...

wow it played me 4 a fool...


'For a fool', not '4 a fool'.
damn my AIM abbrev's. There I go again.
That's like two days and three topics...

its called the SPAM can for a reason...
I tried to play it, and it broke. When you click on the same two colors in a row, it eliminates any number of that color. XD
If you think THAT's cool, there's this website where a magic monkey will read your mind and correctly guess the letter you'e thinking of!
It's amazing! It only took 26 tries for the monkey to get it right!