Idea Fishing

Hey! Not sure I should post this here, but are there any style or theme of board you would be interested in doing? I was thinkng of making a superhero board, but that would allow either too much godmoding or be too limiting and complex in structure to allow for quick play, so I scraped that idea. Anybody else have a good idea?
read "gurps: powers/supers", you can find it under the documents section of limewire...

It would give you Ideas on how to modify our sig sytem to fit the super theme
ACtually, I was looking at the Hero System for ideas, it's a totaly point based system. Do you think I should work on that for a simpler format? Also, how manny points should they get if I do this?

Low Powered: 150 + up to 100 disadvantage points

Standard: 200 + 150

High Powered: 300 + 150

Very High powered: 400 + 200

Cosmically Powered: 500+ + 200+

Also, found a way to get around people godmoding, I'll impose point caps so that each power can have so manny points, and as you gain levels the caps increace. What do you think?
exacly, and you could have the cap increase by "training" or "discovering" powers in combat...
As long as the progress is rational. Thanks, I think I will work on this. However, I'm worried about the stat system. It's not open game licance, and I'm worried about using it, even if it's not for published works.