New enemy type creation

I thought it might be cool to have a thread where we can have an informal contest/brainstorming thing where we can come up with new types of enemies, just for fun. Being a normal member, and not a mod, this is unimportant, so I figured it could go in the spam can. This is for enemies that are not navis, viruses, Cybeasts or anything else that has been in the games or anime. Here goes nothing!

Spyware: variations on viruses, these do not destroy the net. Instead, they are like data theives, which work for humans to steal data. They don't like fighting, and they usually cannot be found wild. Many of these look like normal viruses at first, but closer inspection reveals them to be slightly different than their virus counterparts.
Examples -

HP: 60
Element/type: None
Description: they look almost identical to Metools, except the "+" on their helmets tend to be a unique symbol per creator. This can cause trouble for their creators, for this allows them to be tracked to them. DataMiners are more cowardly than Metools, preferring to use their pickaxes to dig up data, though they can fight if cornered. These are the most common, since they are easy to make - one small program can change a Metool into a DataMiner.
-Pickaxe swing [10 damage]
-Hide in helmet[like Metools, though they do this more often and longer]
-Run[their favorite tactic]

HP: 10
Element/Type: None/wind
Description: Small, winged, robots that fly around the net, using their sharp eye to spy on people. What they see is directly sent back to their masters. They are weak and cowardly, flying away at any sign of danger unless stronger viruses are around.
-Dive[flys at enemy for 10 damage with extremely low accuracy]
-Hide[cannot be hit with anything besides cursor-type attacks, plus takes 1 action to locate before the attack can hit. They must come out of hiding before any other action, but can come out of hiding and perform an action on the same turn]
-Summon help[summons a virus or two]
-Flee[SpyEye's favorite tactic as well]

HP: 10
Element/Type: None/chocolate chip.. I mean wind
Description: Floating gold disc with black spikes coming out of the top.
Attacks: None... a pointless enemy, used mainly as a shield by Spyware-Summoning Navis

Now for the more powerful enemies...

The Hatred: Like how navis can leave behind ghost data, more powerful navis may leave behind their "esssence" or "soul", along with their power. These create things similar to viruses or Cybeasts, but with Navi-like intellect. The good ones are rare, but may aid those in need, and do not have a name for what they are. However, the evil ones - the Hatred - are much more common, though still rare. These are created from the hatred within the navis, and are commonly formed from the deaths of navis that use a lot of darkchips. They prey on navis, some devouring their data, while others attack navis and leave the less-than-1-HP navis there. Some are even worse, and are similar to dementors from the Harry Potter novels, filling the navis with dispair and fear, and syphoning all else from them - leaving paranoid, depressed navis, or empty shells that aren't deleted but just rot in the Cyberworld.
Examples -

HP: 200*
Element/Type: none/???
Description:It has the body of a red lion the size of a large horse; the head of a NormalNavi with dim eyes, a cracked helmet, and three horns (two on the left side, one on the right); a black scorpion tail; and huge dragon wings with talons on them. This creature is far from in perfect condition - in fact, it looks like it has been rotting for a long time. Its wings have holes in them, there are huge gashes in the body, and has other signs of decay. Don't let this fool you, though. It is incredibly cunning and fast. It devours navis to increase its power, and finding new ways to captue them brings it the closest thing to joy that it can feel.
-Though rotting, it both has Undershirt and very good dodging skills
-Scorpion Tail[40-90 damage, plus poisons the navi; the extent of the damage and poison is decided by the Manticore, but the damage from poison is per action/turn(I'm not sure which)]
-Assault [2-5x 50 damage, a flurry of rapid attacks]
-Feint Strike[attacks with its tail, missing on purpose, it has low accuracy (obviously) but near perfect accuracy when opponent dodges; 80damage]
-Flee[runs away when at 1HP, then weaker viruses appear]
-devour[100 damage, heals 50]
*As it defeats and devours navis, its HP goes up

HP: 300
Element/Type: Water/???
Description: The size and shape of a navi, though completely made of a slime-like substance. The navi this was formed from was the creator of a water-element Dark Chip, which he was fond of using. As this slowly corrupted him, he became attached to this chip more and more, using it to destroy litterally any navi that got in his way. When he died, the corrupted data finally fused with the sinister data of the Dark Chip.
-Takes [0 damage + 10 damage per electric attack] from each attack, and can only be hit once per turn. Electric attacks do [(0 damage + 10 damage per previous electric attack) x 2] to him
-uses arm like a whip, rapidly attacking [5dmg x 10 hits]
-engulfs navi[navi cannot move, must use actions to break out. 10 damage per failed "escape" action]
-Heals to 300, 200, or 150 when life is 80 or less
-flee[may escape at 40 or less HP, instead of healing. After fleeing, weaker viruses summoned.]

Death Mimic[x]
HP: Yours
Element/type: None/???
Description: was given "ultimate powers" by the most powerful Hatred, it killed him, making him a living corpse with the power to transform into greyscale versions of his enemies.
-transforms into your navi for x turns(the [x] in its name tells you how long) and has a two turn cooldown before it can do it again.
-IN MIMIC FORM: uses the same chip you use, but adds a "1/2 dodge" to it.
-IN MIMIC FORM: Has a 1-1/2 dodge per your dodge.
-IN MIMIC FORM: Anchor [if you use all dodges one turn, he will use this skill, preventing you from using dodge]
-IN MIMIC FORM: DarkVulcan[10dmg x 12 hits]
-IN NORMAL FORM: AutoVulcan[10dmg x 3 to one or two navis]
-IN NORMAL FORM: BreakBuster[30dmg + break]
Note: when fighting more than one Navi, Death Mimic will use all Navis HP divided by number of navis, to the nearest 1 HP, and cannot mimic.

More soon... questions/comments/suggestions welcome, and extremely appreciated
I'm sorry to double post, but: Does anyone have any ideas for enemies? If not, I don't know what I'm going to do with this thread, and it will probably get deleted... this thread is pointless, anyway...
I think the more complicated you make the battle system for a virus, the less often it will be used due to the number of details the mod must remember to implement while in battle. Also, your spyware programs are just annoying versions of Metools and Seedbats. You could easily have given them different descriptions.

This thread isn't totally useless though since almost everyone likes to come up with these ideas.
Well... these were just for fun. I don't expect any of these to be made into actual enemies, but it would be cool. Also, thanks for the SeedBat info. I forgot all about them... I changed it, and added to the DataMiner description as to why they are "Metooly"