...Wasn't that great...

There we go :3
You by chance watch TTA? That's another of Kirbopher15's projects. Its sprite-based, though.
I didnt know you watched TTA, Phoenix M'lad.
Who doesn't?
I'm embarrased, but I'll admit it. My buddy and I discovered TTA when we were searching 'inuyasha' on Newgrounds. Then, for some reason (think it was part of the summary or something about music taken or something), TTA episode 11 came up. (the one where Alpha goes demon and beats the piss out of Neo and Flamy glomps Alpha for the first time) So, I searched for more, and more, and MOAR!!

Then that lead me over to, and I bookmarked the page.
Hehe, I found a fellow TTA fan ^_^;;