Another random question

Ok answer this i hear that theres a new serise of Rockman comin out n Netto n Rockman are not tha stars is that true and if it is when ezactly is it comin out
I think its called Ryuushei no Rockman or something like that. Been out for a while. This wouldn't be the first series without Netto and Rockman.EXE, though.

Edit: Did you mean the game or the anime?
I heard about tha game it's comin out for the DS but i'm not quite sure about the show
That's Ryuusei no Rockman, Megaman Star Force in English. It's been released in Japan by this point, and clips from a Ryuusei no Rockman anime (also in Japanese, but I think they've been fansubbed at the very least by now) can also be found on the internet, if you know where to look. It's true that Netto <shudder> and Rockman do not appear, as far as I know, and the game is scheduled to come out in North America this fall.
Arite guys thanks 4 tha info
Anyone here is glad to help, but we have to request that you type out your words. Thanks.
oo sorry
It's 200 years in the future from the Rockman.EXE series. And you defeat viruses by going onto the Wave Roads through some awesome form of Crossfusion called Denpa Henkan (or Raido Wave Conversion in English). The main character turns, not suprisingly, into Rockman, hero of the electromagnetic world!
From anyones opinion is it going to be better than the original battle network

Quote (KyuubiForte)

From anyones opinion is it going to be better than the original battle network

While I haven't played it myself, I'll give you a hint to my prediction: the bosses aren't based on original Megaman material anymore.
Heh. I wonder, Megaman is going out in all directions within games now. Futuristic, in several ways, digitally, racing, name it.

I wonder how far apart they can get. Will there be a point where two concepts are so different nobody would ever link them?
So thats means they might not have Forte in it
I've seen the spritesheets for the game. Forte is nowhere to be seen, but Lucian and that other kid from Lunar Knights are, for some reason. There are also mugshots of EXE-style Rockman, which adds to the mystery somewhat.
Lastnight i saw some screen shoots of Megaman Star Force: Leo and the camera veiw is like behind your back. But I also found out that there three different versions one is Fire Leo next is Ice pegasus and last is Green Dragon
Technically they're all the same game.
You just get a different "Beastout" in each one.
And you can only move left and right, but now you don't have to go up friggin' close to own the enemy with your sword, it's a bloody auto-target! XD
Yeah. I'm pretty sure we discussed this in the old forum, as a note.

And for the battle system... from what I've heard, it's going to be free movement in a 3x5 panel area. The bosses are going to be OMGWTFHAX in some of their attacks, is my prediction. Because what game is complete without enemies with nigh-undodgeable attacks?
And as for the whole Forte not being in this game idea...
Well, that would be a step in the "less related to the original megaman" idea by Heat. But I'm taking it to be that this will be, more or less, COMPLETELY original in the character aspects. Ie. New badass superenemy.