Click for your Country

Thanks to the community, America is making a huge push, and has already risen from 4th to 3rd!

...So messed up, I clicked over 1000 and it didn't add up...They're against Korea for some reason >___>;;

EDIT: I'm a Nifty Clicker~...Sounds bad...I'm gonna click till I get some good names XD

Now a Super Clicker with over 5000 clicks >____>;;

1. Go to
2. Go to click part
3. Post javascript
4. Hit enter.
5. ???
6. Profit!
gag, Urmean15 hacked it before I could D:
Actually, 4chan hacked it before you did. Thank god for Anonymous.
How do you post the javascript?
you just put it in the address bar. Here, test yourself:

javascript: alert('this is a test');

Copy that into the address bar and press enter as if you were visiting a website.
sweet :3