Cecil and Myrmidionman

Operator Name: Cecil Gregory Roud

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearence: 5'8" in height, weighs 160 lb. Doesn't have much of a physical stature, due to a high metabolism since birth. His most common outfit consists of a black T-shirt, with a advertisment for the "Electopian Historical Museum" on the back, his pants are grey, but with black stripes running down both sides of the legs. Medium length black hair, tied off into a pony tail at the back of the neck. His most noticable appearence is an eyepatch over his left eye, with a scar line down the eye.

Personaility:A very solumn and knowledgeable character, having spent almost all of his youth in his family's museum. Cecil mostly keeps to himself, only opening up to his family, their Navis, and his own Navi Myrmidionman. He lost his eye several years ago in a accident, proving in extreme conditions, he can throw common sense to the winds and act instinctively. He feels very self-concinous about his eyepatch, and believes that people will judge him negatively because of it and keeps himself at distance. He one day hopes to find that special someone who will love him for who he is.

PET Modifications: Covered in plates of stainless Steel.

Navi Name: Myrmidionman.EXE

Operator: Cecil Roud

Gender: Male

Type: Normal

Subtype: None

Appearence: In relative to the Net World, is 5'10" tall. His colors are in total contract to his counterpart, having colors of mostly white. He wears vestigal armor very identical to that of a samurai, minus helmet, head totally exposed. Underneath his armor is a white robe, used to give comfort when wearing his armor. Myrmidionman only nonwhite part of him is his sky blue eyes, slightly obscured by the bangs of his short snow-white hair.

Personality: Unlike his human counterpart, "Myr" as he likes to be called, is very quick to make friends, and with a rash attitude even quicker to make enemies. A little known fact about him is that Cecil was NOT his creator, but ws saved by him at the brink of deletion, and promised to serve as his partner. He tries to understand and keeps up morale between the two, keeping Cecil happy. And the only three things he cares about are getting new chips, meeting a rarely-encountered friendly virus, and charming the ladies. The last objective has been subjected to much controversy between the shy Cecil and outgoing Myr.

Custom Weapon: Instead of shooting plasma bursts from his buster, Myr fires throwing knives.

Level 1 Signature Attack: Bushido Blast
An illegial modification brought on by Myr's original creator, the attack is simply an overclocking of Myr's buster, letting loose a deluge of knives towards the enemy. Since then, Cecil has nerfed the attack to legal limits so as not to attract Offical attention. 60 damage towards one enemy, 3 turn cooldown.

Legacy Items: None (I would rather start back from scratch.)
Looks all fine and dandy.

GET: Newbie Chip Pack: Cannon x1, Shotgun x1, RageClaw x1
GET: Newbie NaviCust Pack: Undershirt, Attack +1, Rapid +1, Charge +1

Approved. Post where required.