Ah god...

Damn...I'm freakin sensitive out of my mind!!! I saw some sick stuff in this one show (It's fake too!), and I'm getting chills everywhere and I can't stop thinking about it!!!

DASUKETTE!!! TT^TT...It's haunting my mind...

((One example is in Trauma Center...I can't stand the triangle guilt for some reason. I get so grossed out by that >___>))
The triangle guilt? Of all the stuff there, THAT made you freak out? >>

I hated the squid. Small squidlike things that dug themself into your organs. How can triangles come anything close to that?

Okay, if you have something on your mind, and can't get it out, then do lots of stuff. Listen to music, while playing some hard game. Only thing that works for me.
Here's how you can do that very thing here on RERN:

1. Open 2 windows
2. make one go to Drakim's game
3. Make the other go to the Theme Songs thread.

Viola! Hard game and some music.
Play Guilty Gear. Hard game with great music.
Uhh..what did you saw anyway?
I think the mind can only focus on... what, seven things at a time? So yeah, Drakim's suggestion would work. Just do a lot of thought-intensive stuff to drive the Triangle out.
By triangle GUILT, do you mean Triti? That stuff can get really annoying after a while.

But just wait until you get to Death Awaits All with the HARD Savato GUILT. Then you'll be freaking out.
I can't beat the First Sin (extra mission). All the tutorials I have seen for it only claims that it is:

1) Impossible
2) Use cheats (like lagging for a slowdown)
3) Impossible

Oh well >>

I recomend Zelda 2 for the NES, if you somehow manage to play it (wink wink). It is f-ing hard.
Lol gamefaqs Drakim, if for nothing else then to see the words IT IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE and then get the confidence to beat the damned thing.
It is true ^^

Go to gamefaq and you will atleast find walkthoughs that say:

"Level: First Sin - I haven't completed this yet. I'll update the faq when I do"
(was written some months ago)


It is really really really hard. I spent 3 days in a row trying to complete it without semi-cheating with lag. It is just that f-ing hard. Under the hardest part, I could drop my DS, and it would scream "GAME OVER" before it hit to the floor. I kid you not.
Oh damn!
Trust me, I'm kinda weak hearted on very few stuffs...Nothing freaked me out in Trauma Center, the Triti only made me nauseating -____-. (I thought Savato was freakin' fun!...and yea, the extra mission...I still can't beat that)

The thing I saw was almost similar to the Triti, only more disgusting (In my view, ONLY In my view)...Gahh!! I can't stop thinking about it TT-TT
I don't know what ur talking about, an now I dun want to know...