Moving on.

Well, I've come to the realization that I'm just sitting on my duff here. I've provided many years of sysdev work on the RP here, tryin to make it better as time went by. However, I've realized recently that there's not a lot left I can realistically do to work on this RP. Sure, there is a lot of stuff that still needs work, but the question then becomes, after a few bouts of reasoning, not what I should be working on, but how do people want it worked on. This has been the question for the latter half of 2012, and really all of 2013. It is also one not recorded in the logs of the cave, though it has been asked and answered numerous times. The answers have always been as different as the people they've been asked of. So without a sense of direction, I haven't touched the systems here in about a year.

That's just not healthy. I'm a systems man, and I like working on things. With nothing better to do with my time, I've been sitting around stewing. Stewing sucks, especially if the result is not edible. So I'm going to move on and work on something new. Probably solo. I've got this D% system I've been wanting to work on for a couple of years now, so I suppose that will be it. Maybe I'll even turn it into a marketable thing; who knows?

At any rate, time to get moving. I wish you guys well.

PS: Anyone who wants to find me can do so over Steam.
I wish you all the best with your new project; if anyone can make a system marketable, it's probably you. Maybe target the masochists, I know you have some experience there.

I can completely understand your desire to be productive on something else, but does that mean you have to stop coming to the chat? Just because you don't plan on being systems guy here anymore, doesn't mean you have to stop associating with us. Besides, our last conversation was a misunderstanding and I'd rather that not be my legacy. D:

So pop back in once in a while. Keep us updated.