Well, this is something I thought I'd never have to say... again.

My chat is broken. Horrendously. Several reinstalls of java/misc fixes/restarts/etc later, it's only slightly less so. Sooooooo I will be hard-to-reach from the chat. My PM INBOX (Conveniently located
---------V-------Somewhere around here at the bottom of the post) is always open, however, so if you need me for something or some other shit, shoot me a PM there.

Failing that, I'm most likely going to be on Steam a good chunk of the time, and if not there, my mumble server, and if not there, Skype.

Don't have any of those three things? Contact one of the many many RERNers who do.

Don't have the time to do either of that? Fine! Be lazy!
Don't have my Mumble info/Steam name?
The mumble info you'll have to ask me for. Steam name is Critwrench.