Name: Carter Antaes Aston
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Appearance: (Written description, pictures/sprites ARE allowed, but you must have a verbal description. Three sentences minimum.)
Personality: A little bit of an all knowing Geek. Carter tends to be a bit scatter brained but brilliant in the face of a challenge. He always comes up with a solution to tough spots and is very quick witted. Also very brash and tends to rush into things with out using much common sense.
PET Modifications: PET is mainly white with green grips and gold trim
Name: Rimeman.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Water
Subtype: Break
Appearance: Rimeman.EXE wears a white down coat made from the skins of a polar bear which is sleeveless and lays open at the chest while he wears nothing underneath. Upon his head he wears a bear-head shaped helmet. On his legs he wears fur lined leather boots and pants and kilt like armor to cover his groin area. He is barrel chested and is covered in runic tatoos, he also wears leather bracers on his arms His face is rough from the scars of battle he has a long beard and long braided hair which he caps with steel arrowheads. He carries a long double ended ax that can split into two smaller hand axes His eyes are icy blue and his hair as white while he has a fair complexion. His Navi Symbol is a battle ax covered in frost.

Personality: Very proud of his strength Rimeman.EXE is always up for a battle. Loud and boisterous he can be the life of the party but when his friends are put in danger he is an avalanche of destruction. Whenever he is not fighting he puts his spare time into crafting totems for other navis as a sign of friendship.
Custom Weapon: The icy great ax Njordsir, a powerful great ax that can split into two smaller hand axes, Njor and Dsir.
Signature Attack: