Otakon :D

I'm off to Otakon starting Friday till Sunday evening. I am still working on my costume (hint: "Boink! Bonk!") and will be very busy for the rest of this week. My internship at the Library of Congress ends on Friday so I will be going straight to Baltimore from DC. I will try to moderate my modlocked thread(s) as much as possible before Friday.

I'll try to get as many pictures as possible, and will post them on my DeviantArt account.



Oh, shit, wrong Otacon.

One day...I'm going to a convention. Then I'm going to blow it wide open with by uber sexiness.

Oh!...wait...that's right. You guys know what I look like.

....Now, where was I? Ah! My sexiness!
Have fun. Don't reap too many souls, kay?

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Don't reap too many souls, kay?

No guarantees. But this time I will hang up the scythe and instead use a baseball bat and a sawed-off double barrel shotgun. Boink!
I'm back. It was very fun, though quite overwhelming due to the massive amount of stuff and people (~22,000 con-goers). I would post my pictures, but almost every one of them came out blurry... Crap. I'll try to find some pictures of me/other people in my group and post links.

Rewards: 3 Saber Marionette J Manga, Angel Links Box Set, Temjin Figurine (Virtual On), Colette Figurine (Tales of Symphonia), Gundam Kyrios Figurine (Gundam 00), and Akira Poster.

Souls Reaped: 21,530 (Some of those Narutards are really hard to track down. I actually think some of them multiplied...)

The_Grim_Reaper has reached level 2! The_Grim_Reaper learned the move: "COSPLAY"!
Cons are full of creepy people...Like Medic.

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Cons are full of creepy people...

Agreed. I saw one... lady? cosplaying as a Bratz doll. She was about 5'10" and probably pushing 220lbs; I was afraid she was going to either sit on me and/or eat me. That and someone cosplayed as the giant mutant baby monster from Akira... his costume was about 8-9' tall (small stilts and massive head). That and I have seen some people just acting very... odd.

Speaking of creepy people, anyone from RERN go to Otakon?
Another year, therefore another Otakon! I will be heading over there this weekend, and will be bringing back my scout costume. This time I hope to have a red batting helmet, and I managed to find a "label" for the Bonk Atomic Punch. (if someone has a better resolution image, I would appreciate it)

Bring back entertaining stories. The weirdest/best costume you saw, etc.

Coincidentally, I just watched a video of a Mudkip cosplayer and three people cosplaying Dugtrio having a mock battle. Not sure what con it was at, though.

Have fun!
Just found the perfect place for "BONK! Atomic Punch" labels, use this if you want to make some labels of your own
Jeez, you go everywhere I want to go...

May I kill you and wear the skin?

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Jeez, you go everywhere I want to go...

May I kill you and wear the skin?

I don't know how that would help, so no.