Hello all!

Hello all! I am back! I am not sure how many of you acutally remember my Navi, Bard. Oh well. I am just making my greeting here and I am thinking of rping on this site once more. The new sig stuff just confuses me a bit x.x Will read back over that some more. Anyways, Hello all!
Heya~ Good to see you back, Syriene. Too bad you came too late to join the tournament that's being held right now~
I have such a low level Navi, xD I don't think I could enter in it anyways
There are tons of low level navis anyway. XD

Ah, welcome back Syriene, I have missed you and your rhythmic roleplaying. ^^
This is true...but those low levels have their sigs worked out! xD

Haha thanks Sin. Good to know my roleplaying was remembered after more than a year