Returning....for a while???

So, I joined last year, somewhere on June 08. Stayed only for a short time huhu because I got to go to boarding school (<SHCUKS). So now I'm back, dont know if I can be active here, but I'll try.

I'm very busy with homeworks (GAHH). Even on the holidays, there's little time to have fun >.> Neway the main thing is I'm back so gah, chickens (dont ask).

P.S Zolem gone??

2nd P.S I will bring stupidity muahahaha (again, dont ask)
Nah, she isn't; and welcome.
Collieo.......welcome ^^
Zolem disappeared, again. <<;

Welcome back, be sure that you do all your homework before visiting because uh... then you'll get REALLY behind. I should know. <<;
If its easy yeah sure whatever, but if its hard, like fucking hard, damn i'm damned

Current homeworks (dat i remember, usually they most be something i forgotten)

The hardest one, write a report on history (and some other things) of Arabic Language

Detect 10 grammar errors on the newspapers (this is rarely happens, but my teacher asked anyway)

Write 5 essays for english

And some easy Mathematic question

And has to be done before the end of this week

Guess what, I havent started any (muahahaha) homework shucks

Gah talking about homeworks remind me of.... HOMEWORKS!! *frightened*

uh anyway whaddya mean by again??