A Heads Up

I was completely and miserably sick today, so I wasn't online for modding.
Tomorrow and Monday I will be out of town. So all of those topics that have been modlocked by me, I'm terribly sorry. I would've done it today if I hadn't GOTTEN SO DAMN SICK. D:<
See you guys on... Tuesday, I guess.
*claps hands to mouth*

Posting too? ;-;

Have fun going outta town.
RS, feel better. Don't worry about modding until you feel up to it, and have fun on your trip.
Okay? Because I know that sickness sucks.
Don't worry about our Battle Thread, RevivedSin. We can use the time to catch up on school work and stuff.

I hope you feel better! I know alot of people at my college who have the flu so I might get virus'D sometime this semester.
[brings son tea and medicine]

It's not easy being a mother.
Damn! I was going to bother you about stuff that didn't make sense today too.

Oh well, feel better. I know that story...ask the stomach virus I had to get over.
<whacks stuff with modding>
<reuses topic>

Ok, well, bad news.

I won't be modding or anything until probably Thursday of next week, when my GRADUATION comes in. This is mainly due to my parents confiscating my computer until I finish with finals and whatnot. So, I'm bloody sorry for all my modlocked topics. (One only, KKL and Mokujin aren't modlocked, just Grim and Kenshin.) Any modding actually done will be from some school computer.

Hmmm... actually change that to Tuesday, yeah.

Wait, might be Monday actually. XD Stupid lack of finals confusing my brain. ^^

Until then. Rock On.
Well, I can prolly figure out BeastVirus stats to mod Eon, but I have no idea what the weird champu you sent at Karin is. If you get the chance, an explanation on that would be nice cause I really don't wanna pull stats out of my ass to make sure someone doesn't have to sit around. Regardless, good luck with your school junk.
Good luck with your finals. Don't let yourself get stressed out!
Next Tuesday, the 24th of June, until July 8th, I will be out, with no internet connection and stuffs.
I will be in Alaska and probably Vancouver for a this period of time.
I apologize to all my modlocked threads, training topics I participated in, and my run with Binary and Asator's Horror Show.

Do whatever.


Any probable places you're gonna be in? I could get some time off to try and meet up. :'D
Alaska in summer... Damn, that sounds like a good idea.
no it aint! its hot here right now *Sweating* the snow is almost gone from the mountains too, no cool air... must hide in a cave to keep cool!

Also... RS... I don't welcome stupidity in Alaska... so don't do anything stupid or I'll come after you.

beyond that... keep your eyes out for celebs.. they tend to hide out in south east alaska during the summer to hide from the press.

Funny note about that.. most celebs could walk around in this town here without anyone staring at them or going "oh my god its *blank*" "*blank*? where's *blank*?!"

I say most cause there was this one person.. cant remember who it was, but she wouldnt go out in the public without wearing a white scarf/hood around her head to keep her face hidden so no one would reconize her... which.. made people's attention attract to her because she looked so bizare cause of it... which shows that there are a good portion of stupid celebs out there... as if the "polar bears are extinct" line hasnt shown people that...

PS.. polar bears arent extinct

Quote (Sora-Chan)

PS.. polar bears arent extinct

Not yet, they aren't.

Exactly why I'm going up there. :'D

Before the ice caps melt and stuffs.

Anyone who says they're not melting is either living under a rock with no news acquiring power, or very very misinformed.

And Sage...

Fuhgeddaboud it!
personally, I dont think that the polar bears will die off cause of the lack of ice, mainly due to that they are omnivores and that they can take out MORE than just seals.

also another warning about alaska... we have maskittos... big ones... some bigger than my pinky nail... they may not be as big as the amazon's but they are still big. also teh bugs around here seem to like to get big... i've seen bees get pretty big too.

You dont know true fear till you've had a bee the size of a thumb come at your face.
I've already been heavily equipped for such situations Sora.

Seriously, who the hell you think I am? I'm the goddamn son of Shuryou and Lori, I'm fucking unstoppable with everything they've taught me so far. Giant bugs? I've wrestled with giant Kabuto Horn Beetles and came out alive!

Anyway, don't worry about me Sora, I've got giant nets that I'll walk in. :'D

To hell with Gattai, libera me from hell, rap is a man's soul!
how little the lowers realize how powerful alaska is... they do not realize till... its too late.... hehe....hehehehe.....AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

on a more serious note, pack industry strength bugspray, you'll need it...
On another note, stop nagging me Sora, I have enough of this from my parents already. DX
They're serious travelers, seriously.