The Full Scoop on FZ...


*Deep breath*

Here we go.

Basically, story starts like this. Family has some relatives move in. I had like, no space to live in as is, and pop then fools me into giving him my last $100 before coercing me into getting a job because apparently I needed to make more money and give it all to him.

I think you know where this is going, but for those who don't, I obviously wasn't about to put up with that shit, so I left.

I lived with my friend for about two months, and that looks like it's run into the ground, so now I'm hard-pressed to find a new home soon.

One out is that, in time, I can get into a program roughly 40mi from where I am atm, and be given:

-Job Training
-A modest allowance (like $20/wk)

But I need some time to get into that. Sadly, I'm unsure of what I'm going to do in the meantime, so if I'm gone for some extended period of time, it prolly means I' a hobo. D:

Let's hope that doesn't happen, 'kay?

-Marke D. Adair (ForteZanzo, fortereborn @ AIM)
Good luck, dude.

Can't give you any of mine, or else you'd end up on the street right away. ;;>>
Sucks man. If I had my own place, I'd invite you over. However, my stepdad doesn't like the amount of people here now and adding another would probably cause him to burst a gasket. Good luck and here's to hoping you make it through with the least amount of crap.
I don't think you live anywhere near me, so all I can give you, like everyone else, is a wish of 'good luck.' I hope you pull things back together soon... .__.