Yeah, I have my computer back. (Finally)
I've been using the family comp for close to 4 months, so its about damn time that I got back to RPing. So prepare for:

-Nearly 2x internets activity.
-More effective posting.
1) GTFO to AIM
2) Perhaps Cyclone can warp back to our event thread? Sky is even worse than Zero on activity...
Hiko, shut up. You're the one that asked for a partner change the first time. You'll wait for him to deal with RL issues, and get back to posting. Got it? Or so help me, you'll EJO faster than you can blink. Understood?
Ja, ja. -_-;;
Lulz, drama.
Oh yeah, and Hiko, AIM is a bitch and won't let me make an account. Those stupid Ads for various stuff won't let me get by!