Seraphim & Erin

Name: Erin Nagasaki
Age: 14
Appearance: Small, and slightly bent over when sitting up, she usually only does this while operating Seraphim, she's dressed in a sort of pajama at almost all times, She's thing and looks extremely pale, most of this is due to her disease, which causes her to become quite repulsed by the thought of eating. Her hair is brown, and her eyes are a dark grey. She usually keeps her eyes half closed and her hair impatiently swept to the side when she musters up the energy to sweep it there. Her hair is usually cut short when she remembers to get it cut, as she doesn't really care about her life in the outside world, she invests most of it in Seraphim. She's about 5' 3". She calls him "Seraph", but he likes to be addressed by his full title of Seraphim.exe, so this irritates him slightly.
Personality: She's fairly forceful when operating Seraphim, but that's because she quite frankly lives vicariously through him, as she's bound to her bed through a mutant variation of Thalassemia and Sickle-cell anemia, which keep her bedridden and relying on blood transplants at nearly all times, the only times she can get out of bed is with assistance and by wheelchair. When not operating Seraphim, she's quiet and resigned to her short life, only having a sliver of hope for a cure for it, as her confidence for something like that was battered down when a bone marrow transplant appeared, but she rejected it, and it went horribly wrong, her situation worsening until it was where it is today.
PET Modifications: The Phone modification on it is Holobased, and is activated by voice, allowing her to talk to other people and see their faces.


Name: Seraphim.exe
Gender: Male
Element: (Fire, Aqua, Wood, Elec, or Normal):Normal
Type: (Break, Sword, Cursor, Wind, Recover, or N/A): Target
Appearance: With a suit of white and red, mainly white, he resembles a strangely dressed human, with spikey completely white hair, as well as strangely green eyes, which don't fit his character at all. His body is clad in a very lightly armored tabard, with maroon-scarlet edgings to it, and his gauntlets are white as well, with red edgings and a red metal guard on the back of the hands. The tabard has a tailing that trails off around the knees, and the leggings are the same white, with reddish runic designs on the sides. He's about 5' 10". Boots follow shortly after the amored knees, the boots being a sharp deviation from the design, a grey with black runes.
Personality: He is designed using the engine of a specific video game that was designed to be a fake MMORPG, which Erin loved,as her hospital didn't get a internet connection until recently, which she used to create her navi, a rather happy, go-lucky character that believes he's a character in a video game, slightly ironic, given everything. He questions everything and other navis, asking if they're "Plot devices", or "NPCs" at times, but is really a nice guy if you get to know him.
Quote: "You want to join my party?"
Custom Weapon: He wields a custom mesh sword-gun which fires a energy bullet for a charged attack and he makes an attempt to slash the enemy for a normal attack.
Signature Attack: Arc Shot: Seraphim fires a ball of constantly arcing energy which hits the targeted foe for (Attack*Charge*Rapid), for a max of 90 damage.
... Jeez. Someone's getting into the buster-attack...

1. Your Net-Op would have to be godly rich. Or heavily insured. Or a pity case. XD
2. ... He's a Sword-wielding Target Navi? oo;
1] She's both fully insured (Takes lots of money) And has rich parents.
2] Yes. Trust me, it'll become logical later. His later lvl sigs alter his subtype and sometimes element to a set element. He doesn't use it very well.

Legacy items: Speed and Sigs.

GET: Newbie Chip Pack: Cannon x1, Shotgun x1, RageClaw x1
GET: Newbie NaviCust Pack: Undershirt, Attack +1, Rapid +1, Charge +1