Drake and HarpoonMan

Operator Name: Drake
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: A cool looking guy. He is kind of tall, plus a bit thin. He has some pretty good muscles, and has blue eyes. Some say they see a tint of red in his eyes as well. He wears a red and black jacket with him at all times, even in the summertime. He also has black hair that folds backwards. Along with the red and black jacket, he wears a black T-Shirt with red shorts.
Personality: He treats people with some respect, but he can get pissed, and WILL attack someone if he wanted to. Him and his navi, HarpoonMan, are good friends, and they tend to work together. Sometimes they can get into some bad sides, and get into a fight.
PET Modifications: His PET is like a normal PET with a sea-like design with waves. It has a sensor that allows him to jack in from the nearest port.

NetNavi Name: Harpoonman
Gender: Male
Element: Aqua
Subtype: Sword
A fish looking navi, with a large harpoon doused in eel venom. He can be on land, but he also needs to sometimes get some water in his gills. He is also able to float in midair, using aqua jet boots. He also has fins on his hands and feet. Plus a hole in his armor to let him breath through his gills.
Personality: He is almost like Drake. He treats people with respect, but can get pissed off, and will attack sometimes. There is one difference between him and Drake. He tends to be serious most of the time, where Drake takes things too lightly, except when he is going against a Cybeast, or something like that.
Custom Weapon: His weapon is a built-in gun in his harpoon.
Signature Attacks (60/60):

Element: Aqua
CoolDown: 1
Effect(s): Medium-Area Terrain Change: Sea
Damage: 10
Attack Attribute: Ground
Description: Harpoonman raises his spear, spins it around, and a small tsunami comes up from the ground and attacks the enemies, and leaves behind traces of water.
Cost: Medium-Area Terrain Change (Sea) = 20, Damage (10) = 10, Rest = 0, Total Amount = 30

Venomous Spear:
Element: Null
Cooldown: 1
Effect(s): Trigger, Delayed Damage Attribute (To represent Poison), Slashing
Damage: 10 damage from the normal attack, 5 damage an action for 4 actions.
Attack Attribute: Thrown
Description: Harpoonman throws his spear at an enemy. Due to it being doused with eel poison, it damages the opponent whenever it moves 4 times.
Cost: Damage (30) = 30, Rest = 0, Total Amount = 30
Total Amount = 30
1. You should describe your NetOp's physical description and personality more. Does he even wear clothes? What's his relationship with his Navi?

2. You should also describe your NetNavi's appearance more, even with a sprite (and don't blame MS paint, pretty much every spriter I know uses it, including myself). Also be aware his "aqua jet boots" can make him float RP wise, but ground attacks, terrain effects, and low attacks will still hit him until he has the proper NaviCust programs.

3. You're missing your cooldowns for your attacks (both of them have 1 turn cooldown since they're worth 30 points). The only sigs you can use every turn are "passive" signatures, and they cost 4 times the amount of points.

4. Please specify how much time the damage is delayed on your Venomous Spear attack (1 turn, 2 turns, etc)
Fixed. And I wanted the 2nd method of Delayed Damage, which was the Poison/Burn-like effect.
Even with the Delayed Damage effect, which does let you make a poison-like effect, you need to specify how to break up the damage. Like "10 damage a round for 3 rounds" or "5 damage an action for 6 actions" or something.
I missed this before, but you need to pick a starting Navicust piece.

One of these:

Quote ()

HP+50, Shield, Set Sand, Set Lava, Set Ice, Set Sea, Set Grass, Set Solar, Set Glass, or ResetStage.

Effects can be found here.
HP+50 please.
It looks fine to me.


Post your operator and navi profiles in their respective areas.

Recieve Starter Pack:
2x MiniEnergy
1x Undershirt
1x HP+50
1x RageClaw1
1x Cannon
1x Shotgun