Yo! Reduced Activity, Alright?

Alright, as some of you lurkers may have noticed, I haven't been on all that much lately. Well, this trend is likely to continue for some bit. I want to assure you all that this is not because of school or work. This is because my parents are douche bags and felt the need to move the computer into their room because it isn't as hot in there or some such nonsense. I have a router, but it isn't quite working up to par and I haven't been able to get net access in my room yet. Hopefully things will be working soon and I'll be back to my usual awesome. Anyway, I'll still post every once in a while to prevent too many of you's guys from catching up to me. Catch ya on the flyp syde mah homies.

*Spends his new free time killin' his old bounty hunting buddies*

Die you icy bastard!

Seriously though folks...Parents have comp = Zan has no real comp access. Soon as router is working properly = Zan shall murder you all! RAWR!
Register your Support Program's appearance, damn it!

Er... hope you come back soon? :'D

Hope to see you soon, Zanallen.
That reminds me, I must register my Support Program as well! To the regis-... Crap, I have to do college essays first. D:<
Meh, I'll register it tomorrow.
We'll miss you Zan!
I use a wireles router all the time. Make sure you've got a high quality one, cause if it blows the net could be out for you for a while. When the lightning hit my house and blew out my router, I was left without access for two days.
Mebbe...Mebbe I'll just throw down some money to get an extra modem and hook my comp up separately...Then I won't have to deal with crap such as my dad getting angry and taking the router or something...