Mark and Trent.exe

Doing a rebirth. Reason for the new operator and the new Navi is that Mark is Leo's cousin. Shortly after his time in college, Leo became strongly obsessed with being more social, more outgoing, and away from the computer more. In doing so he began to get into the darker side of college, allowing his grades to drop, and, eventually, getting him kicked from college. During a family gathering, Leo gave all his upgrades and chip for Bard to his closest Cousin, Mark. He said it was to allow him to get his education back online, and get back on track. Leo jokingly said that once that is done, Mark will be a strong and money tournament winning netbattler, and will be able to repay him for the upgrades. Mark upgraded the Navi he had bought to act as a security guard for his PET after it was hacked, Trent. Prior to having Trent, Mark was a netbattler with a different navi. He was doing well in local tournaments, and had the PET hacked into and it corrupted the Navi, and had his bank account stolen from. Mark has been trying to slowly work his way back up and find the navi and person who damaged him.


Zenny: 14850

NaviCust: Undershirt (10), +50 Hp (10)
Upgrades: Hp Memory (2), Process Uprgades (7), Speed Upgrade

19 Chips (3 levels)
x3 Cannon (40)
x2 Shotgun (50 Splash)
x1 Rageclaw (40)
x1 Sword (80)
x2 Firehit1 fire(60)
x1 Boomerang wood(60)
x1 Riskhoney1 wood(5x10)
x2 Zapring1 (40+stun1)
x2 DBLbeam1 (40 Damage to All Enemies (red) 30 heal all allies (blue)
x1 Dash Attack (90 + Impact up to 5 Opponets in a row/C)
x1 AmatsuHaretsu1 (4x10)
x1 Guard1 (60 reflect)
x1 MachineGun1 (30x9/D)

x2 Mini Energy

Name: Mark Kerf

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Appearance: Mark looks very little like his cousin Leo. Mark stands at a shorter than average height for a guy, around five foot six inches tall, and weighs around 130 pounds. He has short blond hair and green eyes, with a fair complexion, looking to be a citizen of Netopia instead of from Electopia. His frame, as shown by his weight, is small and thin. He doesn't have broad shoulders, and lacks muscle definition in his arms and body. It almost looks as though he is just a skeleton with skin stretched over it. He isn't like this from not eating, or a lack of healthy foods, just from how his body is. He is a very thin and very tiny person. He often keeps his attire classy, wearing nice button up shirts and slacks is a common sight for Mark. He commonly likes to add the vest from three piece suits to his daily wardrobe. He has a pair of black framed glasses. Mark prefers to dress nicely in most cases, makes his tiny frame seem more presentable and less like a teenager or a bum.

Personality: Mark, due to his size, isn't the most openly aggressive person, but he can hold grudges. He is a more passive aggressive person, bordering on the lands of spiteful in his words and actions to those he deals with. He has opinions on everyone he deals with, and will share if asked. He doesn't like people much, but has people skills, so this may be some of the steaming of his anger and negative thoughts towards people. But, if you break through that shell that he has up, he isn't such a evil guy. You have to earn his respect prior. If you show him respect, and not treat him badly for his size, or the likes, he will respect you. He is also very determined. He never gives up and once his mind is set on something, it doesn't leave.

PET Modifications: The PET for Trent is a simple black and green camo pattern. It has only a few modifications to it. One that allows it to be used an a Music player, because Mark Needs to zone into his work. It also has a browser for quick searches on the internet, and a gps system included also.

Name: Trent.exe

Gender: Male

Element: Null

Subtype: Sword

Appearance: Trent is a very large navi in term of size and proportion, the exact opposite of Mark. He stands about 6'3" and weighs about 220 pounds, all muscle. Trent was designed to look intimidating. He has a nearly constantly furrowed brow ridge, and a rather cold expression on his face. He has dark brown eyes and a military haircut, which normally isn't very visible from under his camo hat that sports. Trent is a an ex military issue navi, and as such he wears combat boots, and a pair of military issue camouflage pants with a combat belt. Attached to the combat belt are his various knives and small combat supplies. Trent wears a gray tee-shirt, once again military issue, where the sleeves stop at his upper bicep muscle. He wears around his neck dog tags, one with his name on it, the other with his emblem engraved into it. Trent's emblem is two crossing knives both silhouetted in silver, with a camouflage pattern on the background. Trent has a few minor scars on his arms and around his shoulders and chest, from previous fights and the training he endured.

Personality: Trent is a Navi who knows what he has to do and does it. He doesn't like to fool around or waste time, and cuts straight to the chase. He is very intelligent and tactical Navi, being able to pick when the best time to fight is, when the best time to retreat and so on. Once you get to know Trent, he is actually a very warm hearted guy. He just chooses a method of fighting and life that, coupled with this cold expression face, makes him seem cold and angry. He doesn't keep his face cold on purpose, its just how his face relaxes back to, and how he looks when he's thinking or debating something. He knows how he comes off, and tends to avoid much interaction with other navi on a casual level because of it. He won't deny speaking to someone if they come to him, but he won't seek someone out just for the purpose of talking, or being friendly. Trent is also very blunt in his speech.

Custom Weapon: Trent has three custom weapons that he uses, each doing the damage of his buster. The first weapon is his own fists. This fits into his close, hand to hand style of fighting. His other custom weapons are a set of combat knives. He carries four knives on him at all times from this combat knife set. Each of the blade lengths are as follows, two six inch blades, a eight inch blade, and a ten inch blade. All of the knives have a tactical grip to allow the knife to be held in a number of positions and grips, and the two six inch blades have special modifications to them also. One has a finger ring at the end of the grip, the other has a brass knuckle grip, meant to be held with the reserve grip. The final custom weapons is a set of throwing knives. He carries on him six throwing knives at all times, and whenever one is thrown, another is coded to replace the lost one.

With my current Sig pool I only have 340 points.
Signature Attacks:
Stealth Training- Invisibility (80) — Trent uses the military side of his coding, to enable a stealth mode which makes him invisible for a short period of time. He uses this to get closer to the enemy to engage in hand to hand again, or for escape and relocation attempts. 2TCD

Feel no Pain — Feel no pain is a process upgrade which enables Trent to shrug off attacks from the enemy without feeling the damage or pain of the attacks. His coding fully ignores the damage and he keeps fighting. This is a mode of heroism for Trent, allowing him to fight on, and make pushes towards certain goals or objectives without resistance, or to make a safe retreat to a new attacking angle. This process upgrade gives him the effects of a two hit shield, without the physical manifestation of the shield. (Create a 2-hit Shield) (40) 1TCD

Combat Tactic- Disengage — From time to time, which locked in hand to hand combat, Trent will want to break away safely, be it for a retreat or whatever purpose. He will execute a quick but effective slashing attack, before harshly kicking the opponent in the chest, or equivalent body part, to knock them back. He will carry through on the force from the kick, to push away from the enemy and gain a dodge benefit. (30 Damage + Slashing + Knockback + Dodge) (80) 2TCD

Combat tactic- Hamstring Cut- For this combat tactic, Trent changes the grip of his blade to a reverse blade out grip, and ducks down low in a moment of weakness in the opponents guard, and cuts the hamstring of the target to slow them down, and deal a damage to the target. Trent will use this to slow the target down for the final blow, or use this tactic as an advantage to deal large amounts of damage to a fast target. (Slow + Slashing + 30 Damage) (70) 2TCD

Combat Tactic- Spinal Cut- Trent uses his combat training to get behind the enemy and slash the spinal region of the opponent, causing them to suffer from the effects of stun. He also knows where else to slash to hit nerves and other vitals to cause the stun effect to happen, even if he can't get behind the enemy. (Stun + Slashing + 40 Damage) (70) 2TCD

GET 14850z
GET NaviCust: Undershirt (10), +50 Hp (10)
GET Upgrades: Hp Memory x2, Process Upgrade x7, Speed Upgrade x1

x2 Shotgun
x1 Rageclaw
x1 Sword
x2 Firehit1
x1 Boomerang
x1 Riskhoney1
x2 Zapring1
x2 DBLbeam1
x1 Dash Attack
x1 AmatsuHaretsu1
x1 Guard1
x1 MachineGun1

GET SUBCHIP: x2 Mini Energy