Camping Tiem

Starting on this Saturday, Yahiko and I are gonna be gone.

For a long time. For 4 weeks.

With no internet.

And barely any computers. D:

We'll be back in August, though, so we'll see you people then. Till that time, good bye. D,:

(We're gonna have a LOOOT of catching up to do with the Spam Can's funny stuffs)
Oh fuckwads, you're right!
I predict 150 pages of R.I...
And really bad levels on Makai. DAMNIT. >_<
Sooo...yeah. Seeya!
If I'm stealthy, I can access the internets from my conselor's lap top...>_>
Have fun. Don't worry about the locking sounds you hear as you head out.
*wonders if yahiko9050 would work*
Well, I'm off.

Talk to y'all in a month!
and Twi, wish me luck on
N.F.'ing. XD