Sleepaway Camp, doods!

Here's the scoop.
July 21 - Zero and I are completely out of Internet usage, traveling off away to Camp Watonka. ( )
July 22/August 18 - We're still at camp...we leave on the 18th. That's a month, yes, a MONTH without ANY internet access. There are computers there, but it's only LAN...TT_TT
So, you'll have to survive a whole month without us! Any questions? : D
No one cares? TT_TT
Zero didn't even bother to post...?
Hope you find Camp Al Quadea on your adventures Lil' Hiko.
Hope they damn well don't have weapons, because a bunch of .22 cal rifles, shotguns, and .4-something pistols won't do it. And some compound bows, steel arrows, and about two hundred knives. XD