Evening all. I'm new to this whole thing, so bear with me as I write this all up.


Name: Nikki

Looks: Of Yokan descent, Nikki is a spindly dark-haired young woman of fair complexion. Her eye color is a mystery to all but her barber as a set of long-hanging bangs obscure the upper half of her face. Scientists are still trying to figure out how she is able to see with all that hair obscuring her vision. Her thin and wiry frame is usually seen garbed in rather boyish attire, matching her personality quite well.



Personality: Like a character straight out of a Samurai cinema, Zanji plays the role of a noble warrior poet. He moves with a fluid grace like a leaf drifting in the wind, but with the speed of a striking cobra. He has a certain flair for the dramatics, preferring to take his time and build the atmosphere before entering dramatically. Zanji rarely speaks to anyone save his operator, what little he does say is spoken only in the form of a cryptic haiku. He can often be seen drifting off into space, observing and reflecting upon the world around him. An avid lover of games of chance, he will never turn down an opportunity to test his luck against another. He is a man of business above all else, and will ask for tribute before participating in any fight.

Custom weapon:
Signature attack: