Has this doctor gone mad?!

Am I really gonna leave?

No. But there IS a shift in my normal schedule. Starting . . . . .Saturday, I shall be leaving to the tropical area named Dominican Republic.

What does these mean to all the citizens here? Probably nothing, since I'll still be posting die to Internet clinics but how Good they'll be (Like they usually are ) or if I will post a lot, thats quite questionable BUT the important thing is that I WILL BE POSTING. So do not take me out of the event please. Oh and I dont know about if I shall be in the Chat room a lot either.

Effective May 13 - June 8th

-- Colornel, monkey, Pedophillaic doctor, DNR AKA Marco AKA LordMarorin88 ESQ

P.S. For all you who may ask: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dominican_Republic
Okay then. Enjoy your vacation. ... stupid person gets a vacation while I'm stuck here doing dang schoolwork... *grumble*
Did you post the link in case people didn't know what or where the Dominican Republic is? How sad for those people. Also, see ya around buddy. Remember, once that event is over I expect our battle.
We will have that foursome Zan and I will stay in the Event for as long as DNR has a Hit Point at least . . .

Quote (P.A. Master)

Okay then. Enjoy your vacation.... stupid person gets a vacation while I'm stuck here doing dang schoolwork... *grumble*

Have fun, LM.
Huh, Pa is Jealous of a solidary vacation away from peers? o.o;
Who doesn't like being...."Away from it all"?
All = a community of friends? o.o;;
Bai, man. Have fun, yes?

And, remember, if your suitcases are inexplicably replaced with ones that closely resemble EN and I, think nothing of it. We wouldn't dream of stowing away. : D

Man, I hope the cargo bay has a coffee machine...
Hey, Dominican Republic! I went there for two weeks with my family a year or so ago. Let me tell you something; no matter how nice the water is, never stay with one side turned towards the sun for more than ten minutes. I got a really freakin' nasty sunburn on my back from staying in the water at this beach called Playa Sosua.

For beaches, I went to Playa Sosua, Playa Grande, Playa Rincon, and a few others. Know any of those names?
Hehe, theres actually somebody who went there! : D
Lets see I know Rincon and Sosua but the others dont ring a bell.