Respite of Sacrifice

Well, I guess i'll be leaving for about 3-4 weeks. My standard grade/credit exams are only a few days away.

And I haven't put in at least 3 hours of revision.

In my life.

Giving up the internet for a while might help me concentrate, see? Wish you well with your own problems, i'm off to sort out mine.

See ya!

-Legoroy2, "Of Pie and Prejudice".
Ooogh. I know people like you. I am one.

Good luck, Kurb Master. We'll miss you.
Man, that's a tough decision to make, but it's the right one. I can't tell you how much this site has dropped my marks.

I'm really very awful at kicking myself into doing something productive when there's an alternative at my literal fingertips. : P

Bye for now, and best of luck in the exams.
Agh, I should be doing so too... ><;

Well, see you later. Good luck.