Money money money.....

I'll start working at a post office starting next Monday. 10 hours a day. Night shift.

This means, that when most of you are up her, I'll be working my ass off... on my sleep time (thanks to the time-zones). Which means that I'll spend the other half of the day sleeping.

Either this, or I give the net back, as I can't pay the bills otherwise.

So yeah... I'll try to not make you wait for me at the event, but I don't know how well will I fare.
Don't go postal on us man.

Besides that, do you get to wear those khaki shorts? Or a post office uniform?
Don't worry, I won't go postal... on you.

The fucking schedule overlaps my capoeira lessons, so I'm pissed off. I need the work (the family is already in negative) and can't quit, but.... there is no English expression for how I'm swearing at the moment.
How about "Fornicating Fuckweasels"?