Rich is returning...

I'm going to return with my net-op, Rich the net-navi programmer who makes new navis and sells them. Question is: Should Maliceman.EXE return?

Voting ends on the 26th of January- a friday at 4:00pm Gmt. If you have not also posted, I will not count your vote. this is used to keep track of who voted when.

Happy voting!
Umm...I dont know your navi well enough to know if you should or shouldn't. But if you choose to get rid of it...we made soem new designs of some on the free navi thread.
I also don't know much about Maliceman, but if you enjoyed RP'ing him you might as well keep him. The grass isn't always greener, as they say.
Meh. Your char was a new one, and if you're considering a new one you probably want to get a new one anyways. Like Lunar said, there are navi ideas in the proper thread.
Just don't take any of my subplot ones.
Sorry I couldn't finish you fight in the other site. But Nal closed the board before I could post. So I guess if you want me to mod you again, just PM me and I'll be there.
((@wooga:Thank you for the offer, but I'll pass. It would damage my story.))
As of 26/1/07, The results were:

And thus, my character will be reincarnated into story and both Navi.
Note: Netfires are not always a bad thing.
No, I mean if you ever need a mod, then just PM me.