Ok guys. Just posting to say I am back for a little bit anyways. Still have to use Rinku's computer and such, and right now things are starting to look hetic for me. I might not be getting on much at all. Mer. Anyways.


I just had to retype all that data...bah. T.T I think I left out some stuff too. Bah!
Welcome!.....well, nothing to say much. But stay as long as you can.

By the way, before the board closes down, you sent a PM to me. What is it?
Yo, I'm glad to see you're back! I had some fun modding Bard, I was hoping she'd show her face again at this board.
I should be able to stay for a while. I hope. Anyways, my PM to you was simply asking what you thought of my Navi. I like to hear other opinons to guage areas where I could improve on anything at all. Just wondering what you thought of Bard.

Of course Bard was comming back! I didn't get to play her much before power hungry shut the other site down. You will get to mod her again, no worries, no worries. Plus, I spent two days working ont he character. Not doing that again for someone else.
I wish I would have back up your info are scaring me...O.o *gulp*

Anyways. Lets just hope you can stay. Lets hope mom doesn't get pissy. Yeah yeah.
Well, for me Bard.exe is detailed enough. And his custom weapon is interesting....