Taking a well-deserved break

Well folks, I've seen it all here. And now I must say, Adieu.....

No not forever, I'm just staying outa the rp section till I get me inspiration back. Donna worry, if any important key parts come back I'll just push my inspiriation retrieval a little faster.

Also, I'll still be modding so tentacle rape is so still gonna be here

I just feel.... really... tired.

I dunno, if things change tommorow or something I'll post that up, but dammit, after helping with the back-up I just feel really heavy and really tired (I'm not fat, believe me on this one... it's just a feeling) So with a heavy heart I bid you all partial adieu which really isn't an adieu and is just me being completly retarded.
If I told you that this wasn't being retarded, and a normal reaction when tension finally diffuses....

You do need a break.

Take it easy.
I have no excuse. I just took a break.

Have a good one, Braden.

Might I suggest a new character?
Feel free to, I'm working on one now but suggestions are always welcome.