Description: Diamond Guardian is a large diamond Golem. It stand nine feet tall and is very large and bulky. The Golem is a construct of science, and is run of an inner power supply of electricity. The golem has large hands and feet, massive shoulders and a large head. Its body is fully made of diamonds, and on its back is three large diamonds that have bolts of electricity jumping between them. Its face is a pair of black eyes and a large black mouth. This virus is based on a discovered planet that is a solid chunk of diamond. This virus is aggressive and uses its sheer size to charge and smash enemies.

Virus Name: Diamond Guardian1/2/3/EX/Omega
HP: 130/190/250/310/370/430/490
Primary Attack: The Diamond Guardian rushes forwards and uses its large form to smash the Enemy
Primary Attack Accuracy: B
Primary Attack Damage and Effects: 40/50/70/80/100/120/140 + Knockback + Break + Impact
Element: Elec
Special: Diamond Body: The same effect as Stonebody, but without the negative effect of being slowed as the form of the virus is made of diamond, and the dodge rate of the virus is also changed to C instead of E. In exchange, the diamond form also requires a large jolt of power to move to attack. The turn after its attack the Diamond guardian may not attack again, as it must recharge, and while recharging break attacks deal normal damage instead of double.
Possible Rewards: Zenny/Diamond Punch

Diamond Punch
Damage: 80/120/140 + Break + Impact
Accuracy: B
Description: The arm of the Navi turns to into diamond, which they rush forwards with and smash into a single target.
Element: Elec
Special: Diamond Charge. Any viruses caught in the path of the charge of this chip are knocked to the side and take minor fall damage(10). Can knockback up to three targets on the charge
Special: Recharge: If the navi chooses to keep the chip around for a second use, it must take one action to recharge the diamond arm. It doesn't have to be used directly after the first attack, or directly before the second, but must be taken before the second hit can be used. If a recharge is used then the knockback damage of the diamond charge is changed to 20. This ability can only be used once.
Duration: 2 Uses, second use must use the recharge ability.