Description: This virus has a small orb at the center of its mass, orbiting around which is massive amounts of water. The general form is basically humanoid, with two watery feet and two watery arms. The watery form has no neck making the head simply another sphere of water unto of the blob. There are two dark eye shapes on the head. The arms and legs are slowly turning and shifting around the center orb of the virus. The virus can take water from one area of its body and transfer it to another to extend the range of that body part. The virus was based on the stars in space which spew millions of gallons of water into space.

When fighting the blue star prefers to keep its distance and attack from afar. When a enemy gets close it will use a powerful attack to know it backwards.

Virus Name: Blue Star1/2/3/Z/Omega

HP: 80/130/180/230/280/330/380
Primary Attack: The blue star transfers water to one of its arms, extending its reach into a long whip, hitting the target from afar with a powerful whip. Higher levels of the virus will stun their target with this powerful hit.
Primary Attack Accuracy: B
Primary Attack Effect: 10/20/40/50/70/80/100 + Aqua + Stun (Blue Star3 and Up only)
Secondary Attack Effect: 10x2/3/4/5/6/7/8 + Knockback (Microburst with Blue Star3 and Up)
Element: Aqua
Special: Aqua Boost +10(Blue Star 1 and 2)/20(Blue Star 3 and EX)/40(Blue Star Omega) If this virus is hit with an Aqua attack, the attack is adsorbed into its form, boosting the power of its attacks. If hit with multihit attacks or several Aqua based attacks, the Aqua boost Stacks.
Possible Rewards: Zenny/Blue Star Gun

Blue Star Gun
Virus Chip
Damage: 10x4/5/6 + Aqua Boost +5/10/15 + Knockback + Aqua
Accuracy: C
Description: Summons a Blue Star Virus to fight for you. Each turn it shoots a single target with its watery attacks.
Duration: 2 Turns
HP: 80
Element: Aqua
Special: Aqua Boost. If hit with an aqua attack it increases the damage of this summoned virus by +5/+10/+15.